Reach Your Goals with Gary’s Guidance

If you’re interested in having a thriving career in broadcast radio, but you’re not sure what to expect or you’re already in the industry and curious about how to stay relevant, Gary can help!

Gary Scott Thomas has done something not many people do: carved out a radio career that has spanned 45+ years and is continuing. And 30 of those years have been at one radio station where he still does the morning show. Is a career like that even possible anymore? What about the changing landscape of broadcasting? Believe it or not, those were the exact same doubts he faced when his career started in 1976.
The more things change, the more things stay the same, but one constant thing is humans relating to humans. Communication will be key. In fact, it may be more valuable than ever in our more automated and socially distanced society. What are the keys to communication? How do you form some sort of bond with someone you just met? How do you create an open forum where people feel secure sharing thoughts and ideas? Gary has opinions on those topics and feels he can help you make those connections.
And with his Here’s What You Know Podcast, he has branched out to converse with more than just people in the country music field. He has talked to doctors about burnout, CEOs about how to find common ground, professional athletes on how to corral their competitive drive, use it to their advantage and keep it at bay when dealing with others on a personal basis, and authors on how you create characters for a novel and what the process truly is like when developing a story.
He’s done that while forming bonds with guests and figuring out how to connect with them on a personal basis. According to Gary, “Everyone has a fascinating story. I truly do believe that, but it’s not fascinating to them because it’s so personal, but when you find out some of these tales, it’s like, ‘Wow, am I glad I asked that question!'”
If you have questions about broadcasting, interviewing, or a career in the public forum, Gary has valuable insight for you. To schedule a conversation or find out about a consultation for your group or business, please send us a message today!