Whitney Duncan

In This Episode:

  • Keith Urban Sent Whitney Something While She Was In The Hospital
  • What It Was Like Doing a Duet With Kenny Rogers
  • Warning Signs and Avoiding Nashville Scammers
  • The Reality of Sacrificing Now or Sacrificing Later
  • Pacemakers, Heart Surgery, and Finding Love While on The Show “Survivor”


“I was born with a heart condition and had surgery at two years old.” – @WhitneyDuncan

“I’m all about working out, eating healthy for the most part, you know, minus my accidental face plants into Dairy Queen Blizzards on the occasion.” – @WhitneyDuncan

“My husband has a pacemaker and they passed him, he was the first-ever contestant with a pacemaker.” – @WhitneyDuncan

“So many people come to Nashville and just get hooked for their money, so we wanted to avoid that.” – @WhitneyDuncan

“I thought it was a cruel joke that they were playing on me.” – @WhitneyDuncan

“On day ten, he told me that he loved me.” – @WhitneyDuncan

Guest’s Bio:

As a young girl growing up in Scotts Hill, Tennessee, Whitney Duncan developed a passion for music early on. Her love for performing at local festivals, churches, and talent shows soon blossomed into a publishing deal with Big Picture and a record deal with Capitol Records at the tender age of 17. Finding great success in songwriting, Whitney released a duet with superstar Kenny Rogers, giving way to her career as a recording artist. Her breakout single, “When I Said I Would”, released by industry-giant Warner Brothers, was named iTunes song of the week after being widely downloaded. Since then, Whitney has racked up 20 million-plus career streams, working with accomplished producers such as Mark Bright, and current producer Michael Carter. She was recently (2018) named a part of the prestigious CMT’s Next Women. The multi-talented Duncan also found success in appearing on the 23rd season of Survivor and the 25th season of The Amazing Race. Whitney released her brand new EP, Heartbreaker, on January 8th, 2021. You can check it out here.



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Twitter: @whitneyduncan

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