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In This Episode:

  • The amazing thing Walker did for Gary
  • Having a stillborn child
  • Experiencing the highest of highs on Earth and the lowest
  • What he and his wife are surprised the fight about now
  • What really matters in life
  • Running away from and to God
  • Having the freedom of not having to understand why good things and bad things happen to us
  • Assumptions we make
  • How Walker values humanity more now
  • Getting over yourself
  • The importance of stopping and serving others
  • Choosing the best outcome vs fearing the worst
  • Being a  humble parent
  • What Gary’s mom told him when he was 10 that has stuck with him


“There’s more life than life.” ~Walker Hayes

“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions, at the mercy of my circumstances. I don’t want to be changed by what I create every day. Like I don’t wanna write a bad song and then come home and be mean to my kids and my wife and be sad. I don’t wanna write a great song and come home with my chest and my nose up like I’ve done something. I don’t wanna respond to my circumstances and my emotions like that. I just wanna look up at the father with gratitude.” ~Walker Hayes

“The biggest miracle, you know, a success story for us was just our salvation. Just the day we trusted in Jesus.” ~Walker Hayes

“Money doesn’t fix anything. Hey, this doesn’t fix anything. But as a culture, We look at someone successful, and we can’t help but go, how’d you get all that awesome stuff? Can you give me like, can you gimme the three steps to that? And even the guy that you’re asking is going, trust me, is not that important.” ~Walker Hayes

“Us losing a child has defined us.” ~Walker Hayes

“Your attention to someone could be life-changing.” ~Walker Hayes

“What could matter more on Earth than serving someone.” ~Walker Hayes

“The Enemy would love for us all to get on this exhausting wheel of the chase.” ~Walker Hayes

“The only hope I have is that when God looks at me, he doesn’t see Walker, he sees Christ, and that all that manipulation that we’re like you said, we we’re masterful, we’re the kindest manipulators on earth. Like I, I know how to get anything I want outta life. Trust me, I’ve gotten it, and I am rescued from that cause God sent his son to, for all those sins, all that nastiness.”

Guest’s Bio:

Charles Edgar Walker Hayes (born December 27, 1979) is an American pop-country singer. He has charted four singles on Hot Country Songs and has released two albums. Hayes has recorded for both Capitol Records and Monument Records, with his breakthrough chart entry being “You Broke Up with Me,” from his 2017 album Boom, as well his biggest hit, “Fancy Like,” a number one from July 2021 on Billboard‘s Hot Country Songs chart.

Hayes and his wife moved to Nashville in 2005, hoping to get in the country music business. He landed a job writing songs for a Nashville publishing company and then signed a contract with Mercury Records Nashville, though he was quickly dropped and moved to Capitol Records Nashville. In 2010, he released his first single, “Pants”. It debuted at No. 60 on the Hot Country Songs charts dated for the week ending September 18, 2010. Kyle Ward of Roughstock rated the single three-and-a-half stars out of five. Hayes debuted the video for the song in December 2010. Hayes also appeared on an episode of 19 Kids and Counting, singing a song he wrote about Jill and her now-husband, Derick’s, proposal. “Pants” and a second single, “Why Wait for Summer”, both appeared on an album for Capitol Records titled Reason to Rhyme.

Hayes co-wrote and sang guest vocals on “Dirty Side”, a cut from Colt Ford‘s 2014 album Thanks for Listening. He also co-wrote Rodney Atkins‘ late-2014 single “Eat Sleep Love You Repeat”. After losing his contract with Capitol Records, Hayes worked at Costco to support himself.

In 2016, Hayes signed a publishing and production deal with Shane McAnally and SMACK/RareSpark, through which he released two extended plays: 8Tracks Vol. 1 and 8Tracks Vol. 2.This was followed by his first single for Monument Records, “You Broke Up with Me“. It appears on his first Monument album, Boom. It would be his breakthrough hit on the Billboard charts. “Craig” is the album’s second single.

In August 2018, Hayes released a single titled “90’s Country”, whose song lyrics contain multiple references to titles of country songs from the 1990s decade.

On June 4, 2021, Hayes released the EP Country Stuff. One of its tracks, “Fancy Like,” became a viral hit through TikTok and reached number 20 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number 1 on the Hot Country Songs chart, becoming Hayes’ highest-charting effort to date. It was subsequently released as his next single to country radio and debuted at number 53 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. He currently lives in Franklin, Tennessee with his wife, Laney Beville Hayes, and their six children: Lela, Chapel, Baylor, Beckett, Everly, and Loxley. Their seventh child, a fourth daughter Oakleigh Klover died hours after birth on June 6, 2018.

(info from his Wikipedia page)

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  • Barbie McCaslin says:

    This conversation has inspired me to re-think “purpose” in life n my time on this place we call “earth”. This podcast with you n Walker is “eye awaking”. So truthful, honest n raw. I know I’m going to want to listen to it again n again. GOD BLESS y’all. 🙏

  • Kay Huffman says:

    Amazing listen! Very eye opening! God is so good! We all have a story, it’s called our testimony. I believe it should be shared! God gives us our testimony to share his great works in our life through our tragedy and lowest points to show how he rescued us and brought us back! We are constantly adding to our story until he calls us home! 🙏🏼♥️

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