Troy Cartright

By February 24, 2021Music

In This Episode:

  • Health Insurance Stress
  • Country Music’s Freedom of Expression, Pop Country Is Working
  • Chasing Your Dreams and Not Letting Them Beat You Down 
  • Steel Sharpening Steel in The Nashville Music Scene
  • Miranda Lambert and Degenerate Sadness
  • The Paradigm Shift of Interacting on Zoom and When It Goes Wrong With Dating


“…No social distance, no masks, just a real-life concert the way it used to be. I mean…I don’t even know what that’s gunna feel like.” – @troycartwright

“I did not grow up a huge Country fan.” – @troycartwright

“I did not want to go to college, I had no interest in it, I just wanted to play music.” – @troycartwright

“It doesn’t have to be the hook of the century with the greatest Country twist you’ve ever heard to be a great song, sometimes just the simple truth is the right thing for the song.” – @troycartwright

“I think I relate to that sort of degenerate sadness, it resonates with my soul.” – @troycartwright

“It always works out. No matter what and it may not be what you wanted or it may look different or take longer, but it always works out.”
– @troycartwright

Guest’s Bio:

Troy Cartwright is a fascinating mix. Certainly a product of Texas’ rich heritage of dive bars and honky-tonks, he’s also a Berklee trained musician, a one-time youth worship leader, and an all-around good guy. Part of what makes his music so compelling is his heart, and the way he views the world around him: always something to take apart and understand, to bring his sense of grace to turning points, difficult moments and the thrill of being alive, in love and on fire.

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