Key Takeaways From Episode:

  • Juggling jobs, getting her masters, and music
  • Not sitting still well
  • Being able to be completely herself
  • Why she cut her hair
  • Living life today
  • How her brain works
  • Her project “You’re Not Alone”
  • Word vomit
  • Importance of mental health
  • Putting music on the backburner and what brought her back


“It’s OK to not be OK.” @Townsendtmusic

“I’m riding the waves as they come.” @Townsendtmusic

“Grief is cyclical.” @Townsendtmusic

“I was never really alone. It was me making myself feel that way.” @Townsendtmusic

“If you lose hope, you lose the light.” @Townsendtmusic
“My goal is to make somebody feel a little less alone.” @Townsendtmusic

Guest’s Bio:

My name is Townsend. I am a singer/songwriter and mental health advocate from Arkansas. My music sounds like Tracy Chapman and Colbie Caillat met in an elevator, on the way to a Brandi Carlile concert. I am not only a professional musician, I have also founded the “You’re Not Alone” project, in which I strive to use my platform to help spread hope, love, and the understanding that no one is alone in their struggles! If you’re interested in this platform, feel free to follow along with my bi-monthly live streams on Instagram! You might just change a life.

Guest’s Contact Info:

  • Instagram: Townsendtmusic
  • Website:

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