Tony Grebmeier

By August 18, 2021August 25th, 2021Music, Personal Growth

In This Episode:

  • How Tony Got Into Radio
  • Being The Change You Wish To See In The World and Learning To Say Yes
  • The Story of When Tony Got Locked Out Of The Studio Because He Had To Go To The Bathroom
  • Drugs, Alcohol Abuse, and Attempted Suicide
  • What Tony Got To Do Right Before His Dad Died
  • What The Hard Seventy Five Is


“My buddy knocked on the door and saved my life, I attempted suicide on October 9th of 2008.” – Tony Grebmeier

“Love is a decision, you’ve gotta make it every single day.” – Tony Grebmeier 

“Life is all about creating experiences for people and  most of us get the nosebleeds, but you deserve the front row.” – Tony Grebmeier

“Kids are stuck on TikTok, Snapchat, and whatever, wasting their life watching other people live their lives and not living to their best ability.”  – Tony Grebmeier

“I got really addicted to drugs and alcohol and that basically almost  took me out, it took me to the lowest point in my life.” – Tony Grebmeier

Guest’s Bio:

My life at times feels like an old country song.

I’m a former radio personality living out my dreams.

I founded ShipOffers in my garage back in 2001. We provide health and wellness products and fulfillment services to direct response, ecom, and marketers worldwide. If you have questions or want to jump on a call 📞 , schedule something at connect with tony (dot) com happy to give a free product or fulfillment audit. 

My wife Amber and I recently became empty-nesters, purchased a 35-acres ranch out in Colorado. I hope my wife finds my tractor sexy. We are the proud parents of Owen, 20, a junior at CU Boulder, and Ethan, 22, who graduated a moved to Seattle.

A few things about me: 

God, sobriety, and family first.

I would rather have coffee with you than chat on the phone.

I believe relationships are the most valuable currency.

Don’t be a douchebag and follow through on your word or clean up your miss.

I’m always open to learning. 

Being of service brings me a lot of joy.

I’m always looking for guests with exciting stories to share on my podcast—the Real Stories Behind Success.

Finally, nobody has any of this figured out, and we all have a higher success rate of achieving our dreams if we collaborate.

So hit me up, and let’s go 🚀 

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