Laura Corn

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Are you ready for an open and honest conversation about relationships, communication, and the importance of taking initiative? Laura Corn, Sex Coach to the Stars, joins Gary to discuss how to spice up your sex life, navigate challenges, and have those difficult conversations with your partner. With plenty of humor and relatable anecdotes, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to improve their relationship and find happiness. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and join us for this candid and entertaining discussion.

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In this episode:

  • Sometimes it’s hard for people to adjust, but being willing to listen and make changes can lead to amazing transformations.
  • People often prioritize being right over being happy. But once you let go of the need to be right and focus on truly listening to each other, it opens up a whole new level of understanding and connection.
  • Having difficult conversations is necessary for growth. It’s not always easy, but being honest and open about your needs and desires can lead to positive changes in your relationships.
  • The reality of relationships is often more subdued than what we see portrayed. Life gets in the way, and it’s important to acknowledge that. It’s okay if things aren’t picture-perfect all the time.
  • Learning and growth are ongoing processes.
  • Taking initiative can make a big difference in relationships. It’s not just about making dinner or planning dates but also about actively seeking ways to support and connect with your partner.
  • Overcoming past traumas and finding the courage to embrace love and intimacy is a journey.

Timeline of topics:

3:00 Wanting to have great sex.

8:00 Acting dumb on TV.

9:00 Creative brain and seduction.

13:00 Impersonations and Exaggerations.

18:00 The impact of pornography.

22:00 The surge in pornography consumption.

26:00 Scheduling sex as a chore.

32:00 Passion involves novelty.

37:00 Adjusting communication in relationships.

40:00 Female fantasies.

44:00 Assertiveness in sexual relationships.

50:00 Love-making preferences.

51:00 Pulled hamstring during sex.

55:00 Creative Valentine’s Day ideas.



Her fans include Britney Spears, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Heather Locklear who raved about her on Late Night with David Letterman. The girls from The View have given her books as gifts to their celebrity guests!

She has spent more than twenty-five years researching the sexual practices and desires of American women and men. She brings to couples everywhere her inventive and arousing strategies for intimacy and hot sex.

Her unique approach to writing about sex has made Laura Corn a self-publishing phenomenon. After her award-winning book, 101 Nights of Great Sex topped the New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon.com bestseller lists all at once, it went on to be the number-one-selling sex book in America for over two years.

Why are so many people drawn to Laura Corn’s books? Her tone is warm, curious, and enthusiastic. Like her readers, she understands the challenge that comes with keeping sex lively.

Laura’s books are for couples to do, not read. Her followers are drawn to the unique Secret Sealed Envelopes for each person to rip out and put into action – an approach that promises fantasy, play, and adventure. It will be a night to remember. Or a day. Or a whole weekend!

When Laura is not writing her books or researching them in her “test bedroom,” she is publicizing her books and other products on national and local television, in print media – and relentlessly on radio as she has appeared on more than a thousand radio shows!

Laura is ready to spread the word about her seduction techniques that guarantee great sex every week. A frequently consulted expert on hot sex and renewed intimacy, Laura has been widely quoted in national magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Playboy, and Redbook.

Laura’s book titles include:

“101 Nights of Great Sex”  

“Passport to Pleasure”  

“101 Grrreat Quickies”

“101 Nights of Grrreat Romance”  

“101 Sexy Dares”  

“52 Invitations to Grrreat Sex”

“You Still Give Me Butterflies – Feel Like You Are Falling In Love…Again”

“The Great American Sex Diet: Where The Only Thing You Nibble On…Is Your Partner“

“237 Intimate Questions Every Woman Should Ask a Man”

Laura is also the creator and producer of:

The best-selling video, “The Incredible G-Spot: The Ultimate Sexual Experience”  


“101 Nights of Grrreat Sex…the Game!”

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Russell Dickerson

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The journey of Russell Dickerson is one that’s full of unexpected twists and turns. From facing challenges in the industry to learning the intricacies of songwriting, Russell’s determination and passion have helped him overcome every hurdle. But just when he thought he had it all figured out, an unexpected twist came his way, forcing him to rethink his approach. What was this twist? How did he navigate it? Join us as we dive deeper into Russell’s life and uncover the secrets to his success.

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In this episode you’ll be able to:

  • Unravel the complex world of composing music and the many hurdles encountered by artists.
  • Comprehend the necessity of forming alliances and upholding one’s creative principles in cooperative endeavors.
  • Decrypt the challenging journey of establishing a bond with the audience via art.
  • Recognize the importance of audience engagement in the overall reception and appreciation of a song.
  • Delve into the captivating story of Dickerson’s musical evolution and the enchanting role of instruments in live concerts.

00:00:00 – Introduction,
Gary Scott Thomas introduces the guest, Russell Dickerson, and expresses his admiration for his music.

00:01:17 – Underrated Artists,
Russell Dickerson and Gary Scott Thomas discuss underrated artists and mention Bozzi, Bill Withers, BJ Thomas, and Mavis Staples.

00:06:21 – 40-Year Plan,
Russell Dickerson shares his plan to keep crushing it and be ingrained in country music for the next 40 years.

00:09:07 – Fan Connection,
Russell Dickerson talks about the importance of making a meaningful connection with fans through honest songwriting and putting on the best performance possible.

00:13:37 – Industry Giants,
Gary Scott Thomas asks Russell Dickerson who is more intimidating to work with, Ashley Goreley, Lori McKenna, or Dan Huff.

00:16:05 – The Creative Process,
Russell talks about the creative process of songwriting and how it can be messy. He explains how his opinion as the singer is essential in deciding what makes a good song and what excites him to perform.

00:18:02 – Gauging Audience Reaction,
Russell discusses the importance of gauging audience reactions during live performances. He explains how a song he loved fell flat with the crowd and how he uses fans’ reactions to determine which songs to play during tours.

00:19:46 – Marching Band Memories,
Russell reminisces about his time in the marching band and discusses how it helped shape him as a musician. He talks about the discipline and hard work required to be a drummer in a marching band and how it prepared him for the music industry.

00:21:09 – The Alpha Predator of the Band,
Russell and Gary discuss the sex appeal of different instruments in a band. They agree that drummers are the alpha predators when it comes to sexy in a band. Russell shares how he incorporates marching snare in his live performances.

00:25:22 – Wrapping up,
Gary and Russell wrap up the conversation, expressing their gratitude for each other’s time. They express their willingness to do it again and encourage listeners to check out Russell’s music on YouTube.


A Tennessee native from a musical family, there’s no question that Russell Dickerson has made a name for himself in recent years. After graduating from college, Dickerson felt called to take his music on the road, cutting his teeth while playing shows across the US, frequently for small audiences and an even smaller paycheck. That same drive has made Dickerson the first artist to release four consecutive career-starting singles that reached No. One on the Billboard Country Airplay chart since Luke Combs. He also joins Combs as the second solo artist and fourth act overall to have four or more singles reach No. One on the Country Airplay chart since its inception decades ago. Those back-to-back chart-topping singles include “Yours” (3X Platinum), “Blue Tacoma” (2X Platinum), “Every Little Thing” (Platinum), “Love You Like I Used To” (Platinum), and most recently, Dickerson’s current single “She Likes It” ft. Jake Scott has already been certified Gold with 170 million streams to date. This Fall, he will embark on a sold-out tour in the UK and headline a tour throughout the US starting in November.