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Tyler Rich

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Country artist Tyler Rich has such an incredible connection with his fans, and you’ll see why in this episode. Enjoy moments of laughter and meaning as Tyler expands on the work it took to become a world-famous songwriter and country artist.

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In this episode:

  • Pumpkin Pie, Salmon, and Quail Eggs; A Critique
  • Radio Tour and the challenging yet rewarding experience it is
  • What’s more intimidating? 15, 50, or 500-Person Audience
  • Tyler’s childhood introductions to live music
  • The many influences that shape Tyler’s music
  • From a hometown in LA to touring in Nashville, Tennessee
  • A dream, a business card, and a lie
  • 6 Hour French Lesson produces a Top 10 Hit

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“It’s one of the coolest, stressful, inner growth-creating, expanding, artistic experiences I’d ever been through. Every person in every station and every listener, every person that comes in, is so different. And you’re not just playing for yourself on the air.” – Tyler Rich

 “I do miss Radio Tour a lot because I’ve made so many cool friends in radio along the way. And it’s fun! You sit there and try to figure people out. Try to figure out, ‘What version of my story is this person gonna connect to the most? What version of my story does this person want to hear?’” – Tyler Rich

“It’s so funny because I feel like- say if Luke Combs called me up, ‘Hey dude, you wanna do a stadium date?’ I don’t think there would be an ounce of nerve like, ‘Oh, there’s gonna be 80,000 people!’ It would just be, ‘Look at us go!’ Because when you’re looking out, it’s crazy, and there are so many lights, there are so many people, but you’re still only looking at 15-50 people at a time.” – Tyler Rich

“The only thing my dad listened to growing up was Rock. The only thing my grandma listened to was Classical. You know, I listen to Classical on planes and listen to Classical at the house. Still to this day, it calms me because of that, and I love that all of my influences show up in my music and our show because I think that’s how it’s meant to be.” – Tyler Rich

“And I was like, ‘Why would I wanna take meetings with anybody else?’ I was like, ‘We found somebody that’s passionate.’ And somebody might be like, ‘Oh, I love you too! I’ll give you more money,’ or something. But the initial passion, the initial like, ‘I want you when nobody else cares’’ is what really drove me to Dustin and my manager Neil, who I’m still with.” – Tyler Rich

“I was like, ‘I’d love to see your hands if you got one of my cards when I lied to you and said I’d be playing at Stage Coach next year, get my free download- years ago.’ And not only did probably like 400 or 500 people hold up their hands, but at least 50 to 100 held up the card.” – Tyler Rich

Guest’s Bio:

Northern California-raised, Nashville-rooted Tyler Rich found his love of music gathered around a Christmas tree alongside family singing holiday classics and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Fast forward to graduating college with a degree in Economics, Tyler moved to LA to pursue a different game of numbers–music–exploring various genres with songwriting and bands before taking the leap as a solo artist. Since, he has been named a 2018 CMT Listen Up artist, 2019 Pandora Artist, and Rolling Stone touted him as “the newest member of country music’s radio-minded incoming class, with a homecoming king’s swagger and a valedictorian’s songwriting smarts. ”Amassing over 394.4M+ total global streams with his debut album TWO THOUSAND MILES (The Valory Music Co.), featuring GOLD-certified “The Difference,” plus subsequent releases “Better Than You’re Used To” and The Cadillac Three’s Jaren Johnston-produced “A Little Bit of You.” With “Thinkin’ We’re In Love,” an English and French duet with one of Canada’s most successful bilingual singer-songwriters, Marie-Mai, Tyler has announced a headline tour of the same name. Tickets are on sale now for his headline THINKIN’ WE’RE IN LOVE TOUR. His music embodies the feelings all people have in common –the need for acceptance, devotion, and a place to call their own–and that empathetic spirit extends to animals too. With Rich Rescues, Tyler visits local shelters while out on the road to raise awareness for pet adoption.

Guest’s Website: https://www.tylerrich.com/