Chase Harmer

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This week on the Here’s What We Know Podcast, we delve into the entrepreneurial journey of the CEO and founder of PayCertify, Chase Harmer, from his early days in payment processing to his latest venture, Wishes. As a seasoned entrepreneur and innovator in fintech, Chase shares insights on embracing failure, the power of persistence, and his vision for transforming charitable giving.

This episode provides an enlightening perspective on taking risks, overcoming adversity, and leveraging one’s experiences toward making the world a better place through technological advancements within philanthropy. Tune in now!

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In this Episode:

  • Listen in to Chase’s background story from growing up in the Los Gatos area, hustling from a young age, and starting business ventures at 19 years old.
  • Discover how he started in credit card sales during its nascent stage in 1998, then quickly moved on to start his own business after learning about profit margins.
  • Hear his lessons learned through failures, including an initial failed partnership due to a lack of experience and understanding of marketing needs.
  • Be inspired by how he turned an initial investment into a $40 million/year business before moving into building technology for merchant services without a prior tech background.
  • Discussion on how success has changed him personally: facing challenges that almost led him to lose everything but choosing redemption over despair.
  • Chase shares wisdom on valuing human capability beyond monetary wealth—what you can do without money often defines your true worth.
  • Discover how Wishes was born out of Chase’s desire for meaningful impact rather than personal wealth accumulation. 
  • Explore the topics and his insights on his blog about astrophysics.


“I burned through a lot of that capital, uh, learning how to do things wrong. you know, I was able to escape out of there 11 years later, but pioneering some new and novel concepts inside of the payments business.” ~ Chase Harmer

“You know, in my mind, I never thought, I never thought, you know, I never thought failure was an option.” ~ Chase Harmer

“I’m an optimist by nature. I think most entrepreneurs pursue something that’s crazy to most people, we all believe that we can do it.” ~ Chase Harmer

“I think being a founder and just being connected to the outcome was more meaningful for me to create a product that mattered, that actually was real, than, you know, making a fortune or trying to make money. It was all about making something that mattered, you know, and that people want it.” ~ Chase Harmer

“You either get killed by those failures or you choose to just keep on going and I don’t see keep on going as a choice. I just feel like it’s like an obligation. Like you’re the only person that can say it’s over. There’s, it’s not over until you say it’s over.” ~ Chase Harmer

“If there’s an ounce of daylight to grasp on to, I grasp on to that daylight and I try to make the sunshine.” ~ Chase Harmer

“When the world turns and you are on the verge of losing things or you know you can’t make payroll or all these different things, you know, you really feel, you really see like who’s with you and who’s not with you in a lot of times. It just feels like you’re by yourself. You’re on an island, you know, and nobody really understands what you’re going through. So I think a lot of times when you have that spiritual connection, it allows you to at least know that there’s someone else or something else with you, um, to help you along that journey.” ~ Chase Harmer

“I think that’s really why I built this: to really make the world a better place and to help as many people as possible.” ~ Chase Harmer

“I think the American, like, we’re all like pioneers at heart. Like, we all want to blaze our own trail, I think. And, you know, some people, um, have the balls to do it. And, you know, other people are part of the overall strategy.” ~ Chase Harmer

“God made us is like, we’re not all supposed to be, they’re supposed to be crazy idiots that follow dreams that maybe are possible, but are not afraid to do it. And that those dreams may turn out to be real and or maybe they don’t. But you know, I think. It’s only in trying that we really find out who we’re made of and what we’re supposed to be doing in this world and what our purpose is about.” ~ Chase Harmer

“Your journey is going to be different than everyone else’s.” ~ Chase Harmer


As the Chief Executive Officer, Chase Harmer is the visionary for PayCertify, a worldwide payments company that works with businesses in the e-commerce, healthcare, and travel verticals, processing billions of dollars in transactions annually. Having started in banking at the age of 19, Chase has built portfolios processing billions globally and created several patents through his two decades of experience.

Chase has spent 26+ years as a payments entrepreneur and was one of the pioneers of virtual credit card technology. After building several companies and creating 7 patents since 2013, Chase leverages his past successes to give back to the community and help other entrepreneurs build businesses as a Lecturer and Mentor at the Founders Institute.

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Website: https://chaseharmer.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chase-harmer-657a5b5/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@wishesinc

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chaseharmerrr

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chaseharmerrr/

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