Shawn Inmon

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This week on the Here’s What We Know Podcast, host Gary Scott Thomas had an exciting episode featuring Shawn Inmon, the renowned talented full-time author behind the captivating book series “The Middle Falls Time Travel.” This incredible conversation is filled with intriguing insights on work ethics as they dive into a shared history in radio and the exciting world of storytelling. But the most interesting part? Their in-depth discussion about Shawn’s books and a sneak peek into his unique writing process.

Join us to hear more of his brilliant stories, and be ready to immerse yourself in the world of Shawn Inmon’s books!

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In this Episode:

  • Shawn’s Career History
  • Las Vegas Trip Down Memory Lane
  • Insight into Shawn’s Creative Process
  • Diving into Shawn’s captivating Book Series
  • Reminiscing Early Days on the Radio
  • The Story of How I Got Fired


“I have just never been afraid of just opening a mic and speaking. That’s never been my problem. You put me in front of a microphone and I’ll tell you a story or I’ll think of an anecdote or I’ll tell you a horrible joke or something.”  ~ Shawn Inmon

“I’m one of those people who needs to be doing something. I don’t like to just take days off and sit around the house. I like to work.”  ~ Shawn Inmon

“I hear this voice in my head, which I’m a typical writer, I hear voices,  and the voice said, I have a story.”  ~ Shawn Inmon

“Everybody’s needs are different, and I want to kind of focus on all the different ways we can find healing and we can find family.”  ~ Shawn Inmon

“I think the day I die, there will probably be a half-finished Middle Falls story on my computer.”  ~ Shawn Inmon

“I’ll tell you the hardest thing, the hardest thing is faith and trust in yourself. Uh, a lot of writers suffer from what’s called imposter syndrome, thinking I’m not really good enough.”  ~ Shawn Inmon

“So I gotta continue to have faith to stop listening to that voice that says, Sean, you’re a crappy writer; you’re never going to write another good sentence.” ~ Shawn Inmon

Guest’s Bio:

Shawn Inmon is a small-town kid who dreamed of being a writer. Today, he is now a full-time author who lives in Tumwater, Washington, USA. He worked several dozen jobs—retail, real estate, traveling with the Unlimited Hydroplanes, crabbing in Alaska, morning disc jockey and station manager, and many others he can’t remember to list. These jobs gave him a wonderful base to write what he knows because he knows a little about a lot. He achieved his dream of becoming a full-time writer in 2016 and has never looked back. One reviewer called him “The King of Redemption stories.” Shawn says he doesn’t feel like a king of anything, but he does love a good tale of second chances.

He is the author of the ever-growing The Middle Falls Time Travel series, 18 books and counting, and The Alex Hawk Time Travel Adventure series. He is also the author of Feels Like the First Time, a bestselling memoir of growing up in a small town in the seventies, falling in love, and messing everything up.

He lives with his high school sweetheart—now wife—Dawn, two happy-go-lucky Chocolate Labs, and a slightly schizo cat named Georgie.

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