Amber De Vos, The Seduxe

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This week on Here’s What We Know, our host Gary Scott Thomas invites dating coach Amber De Vos, The Seduxe, to discuss the intricacies of communication between men and women. Amber, an anthropologist turned celebrity photographer and dating coach, shares her insights, actionable tips, and secrets on how to improve self-confidence, overcome loneliness, and navigate the world of modern dating.

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In this Episode:

  • Amber’s Journey: From celebrity photographer to dating coach, helping people love themselves first.
  • The Art of Conversation: Teaching men how to approach women without coming off as creepy.
  • Dating Challenges: Overcoming self-doubt, inexperience, and loneliness.
  • Personal Transformation: Amber’s move from Lake Tahoe to New York City and her growth in high society.
  • Impactful Coaching: Long-term benefits of fostering self-love and improving interpersonal skills.
  • Celebrity Insights: Lessons from the world of fame on attraction and personal magnetism


“The greatest power I ever had was helping people fall in love with themselves.” ~ Amber De Vos

“As a photographer, I really got that my talent was to have people in my studio in front of my camera and I was able to give them pictures that helped them fall in love with themselves.”~ Amber De Vos

“Anthropology is like a bigger balloon; it just understands humans.”  ~ Amber De Vos

“As a photographer, it was telling people’s stories.” ~ Amber De Vos

“Coaching is that thing where you’re actually able to give someone skills, advice, and technologies to free them to think for themselves in a very long-term, impactful, life-transforming kind of way.” ~ Amber De Vos

“Ladies are far more concerned with someone’s personality, sense of humor, charm, generosity, quality of character, than we are with looks.” ~ Amber De Vos

“You learn how to know what you’re doing because you just do it. you’re gonna fail, you know, it happens. It’s the magic of not giving up”  ~Amber De Vos

“So I think sometimes people say, oh, I tried this one thing once and it didn’t work out. My heart got broken. She dumped me. I got rejected and therefore I’m never gonna try again. Well, hello, like you don’t get the results until you get the experience.” ~ Amber De Vos

“When you’re getting physical touch, you get flooded with something called oxytocin. And it is literally, it’s a chemical that floods your body and makes you feel like you’re in love. So, and people rush into the sexual aspect of their relationships sooner than they’ve had an opportunity to vet the person as romantic as that sounds, is that our chemicals, especially the oxytocin, dopamine and even serotonin that floods our bodies after those intimate moments.” ~ Amber De Vos

“It’s not that we can’t inspire people to be better versions of themselves. And when I say better versions of themselves, it’s who they are already authentically, just next level versus wanting them to be somebody different.” ~ Amber De Vos

“It’s like being willing to take responsibility for it and also being humble enough to know that you don’t know all the answers.” ~ Amber De Vos

“That’s the taking responsibility part that’s super uncomfortable. And that’s a sign of emotional maturity when you can sit there and go, yep, I am, Yeah, he made some poor choices, but  I kept him around.” ~ Amber De Vos

“I think we have been done a disservice in thinking that romance is that easy.”  ~ Amber De Vos

“When you get super excited about somebody that you just met, it’s because of your projection of who you think they are. You do not have enough experience or exposure to who this person actually is to give them that much credit. It’s called putting someone up on a pedestal. And so it’s really dangerous to put someone on a pedestal and it is dangerous to be put on a pedestal because there are just unrealistic expectations all around.” ~ Amber De Vos

“The two things that men really need and want out of a relationship are acknowledgment and appreciation.” ~ Amber De Vos

“We have zero control over what happens to us, because that’s life, right? Things happen, but we do have 100% control over how we react to it. And so for a lot of people, that means taking responsibility.” ~Amber De Vos

“A man with a plan is very sexy.” ~Amber De Vos


Amber De Vos is a passionate dating and relationship coach dedicated to transforming the lives of singles and couples. Through practical strategies and empowering advice, she helps singles find love, couples reignite their spark, and the brokenhearted heal.

With 12 years as a top NYC celebrity photographer, a BA in Anthropology, and over 11 years in personal development, Amber offers effective tools for improving dating and communication skills. Her in-person guidance and training videos help clients overcome mental blocks and find lasting love.

Living as a single woman in NYC for over 15 years, Amber has experienced the full spectrum of dating, giving her unique insights into courtship. She enjoys helping men understand women’s desires.

Known for her passion and empathetic listening, Amber creates fun, intentional coaching experiences. She believes in the power of love and is committed to making the dating journey meaningful and rewarding for everyone.

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Website: http://www.theseduxe.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_seduxe/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/weardevos/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amberdevos

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