Comedian Sandy Stec: Surviving the Lonely Fight for Mental Health

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If you’re feeling trapped in a cycle of self-doubt and frustration, pouring your heart into your creative passions but never quite achieving the mental wellness you crave, then you are not alone! This week’s guest is comedy Sandy Stec. A funny girl… who happens to be on the radio. She’s a comedian and morning iHeartRadio personality for KOST 103.5 in Los Angeles. 

For over 20 years, Sandy has been sharing her humor and heartfelt stories on the air, and she’s now ready to delve into the topic of mental wellness, self-love, and self-care. Having experienced her own struggles with loneliness and depression, Sandy is a relatable and compassionate voice in the conversation about mental health. With her engaging personality and genuine desire to help others, Sandy is the perfect guest to explore the importance of taking care of ourselves mentally and emotionally as we wrap up Mental Health Awareness Month.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Tackling and overcoming common difficulties encountered in the radio field without losing your genuine originality
  • Grasping the significance of self-appreciation, personal health, and mental well-being for continued success
  • Recognizing and becoming aware of distinct cultural disparities in language, food, and prejudicial attitudes
  • Chasing your inventive dreams, remaining focused and committed to accomplishing your objectives
  • Forming meaningful connections, attaining essential guidance, and benefiting from the wisdom of trusted mentors

Dr. Yuriy Dobry’s story:

Chances are, you’ve heard her voice. 

​Sandy Stec is an iHeartRadio personality for KOST 103.5 in Los Angeles; on-air Monday-Friday, 3pm-7pm. Prior to moving to Los Angeles, she was 1/2 of “Marcus and Sandy”- a top-rated morning show on Star 101.3 in San Francisco for 10 years. 

Aside from her 20+ years radio experience, she’s also fantastic event/on-camera host and stand-up comedian! She’s worked with Benefit Cosmetics, HP, Cisco, Norwegian Cruise lines, etc; and opened for Chelsea Handler, Kevin Hart, Arsenio Hall, Richard Lewis and many, many more. 

When she’s not on–air or on-stage, Sandy is probably hiking, watching Bravo or TLC, or hoping to hit a progressive jackpot on a slot machine! 


“I have never felt the depression that I have felt in the last few months of my life to the point where I am absolutely looking into medication.” ~Sandy Stec

“Yes, I’m doing a lot of great stuff. Yes, it looks great online. But I still go home alone.” ~Sandy Stec

“We all can learn from each other’s story.” ~Gary Scott Thomas

“It has definitely changed since I have come here. But this was what I traded for. I was ready for a change. I was ready for a new chapter. And so here I am.” ~Sandy Stec

“If you’re struggling mentally, social media can make it so much worse.” ~Sandy Stec

The Dark Side of Comedy
Despite being a creative outlet that brings laughter and lightheartedness, comedy can have a dark side in terms of the personal experiences and emotions behind it. Comedians often use their craft to cope with their struggles and pain, turning them into relatable and entertaining material. Recognizing and understanding this darker aspect can lead to a deeper appreciation for the art of comedy. During the interview, Sandy Stec shares her experiences in the world of comedy, both the positive moments and the darker times. She discusses her past struggles with mental health, her interactions with other comedians and their personalities, and how she continues to create content while prioritizing her mental well-being.

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Decoding Childhood Depression with Dr. Yuriy Dobry

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Decoding our children’s mental health can feel overwhelming? Have you been told to just snap them out of it or stop coddling them? It’s time to break free from ineffective advice and gain the tools you need to truly understand childhood depression. Join us for this episode where you’ll uncover the subtle signs of depression, learn how parenting styles impact emotional well-being, and discover practical solutions for making mental health care accessible for all. Our children don’t have to suffer in silence. It’s time to take action and equip ourselves with the knowledge to make a difference.

Meet this week’s guest Dr. Yuriy Dobry, a dedicated child-adolescent adult psychiatrist who has made it his mission to support families dealing with mental health challenges. With a board certification under his belt, he specializes in treatment-resistant depression, bipolar spectrum disorders, and other mood disorders. Growing up with a father who was a psychiatrist, Yuriy was inspired to follow in his footsteps and make a difference in people’s lives. His approachable demeanor and expertise in childhood depression make him an invaluable ally for parents searching for answers.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Decode the nuances separating everyday mood changes and deeper feelings of depression in young individuals.
  • Comprehend how distinct parenting styles play a significant role in shaping a child’s mental health.
  • Acquire the art of providing uplifting and valuable critique to your child.
  • Embrace the necessity of making mental health care readily available for all members of society.
  • Understand the contributions of psychiatrists and embark on a results-oriented treatment process.

Dr. Yuriy Dobry’s story:

Dr. Yuriy Dobry found himself intrigued by psychiatry from an early age, as his father was a psychiatrist who shared with him fascinating insights about the field. Yuriy’s curiosity and passion stemmed from a genuine desire to understand the complexities of the human mind, especially when it came to the differences between depression and normal mood changes in children. He knew that understanding these differences could greatly impact the lives of not only the children but also their families.


“People are more accepting of [mental health issues], so there’s less shame around it.” ~Dr. Yuriy Dobry

“Just think of your psychiatrist as another doctor, as another provider.” ~Dr. Yuriy Dobry

“If your mood gets to a point where you’re unable to work, you’re unable to get up and go to work, or you’re unable to kind of excel at your job compared to how you were doing before the onset of these symptoms of this mood state, that’s one of those things.” ~Dr. Yuriy Dobry

“It’s more about the change in behavior. If they were more likely to be active out with friends, engaging in sports, whatever activities, and then all of a sudden, you’re seeing that they’re more and more spending more and more time online by themselves. Gaming that changes [your child’s] behavior is what I would say is the most concerning part.” ~Dr. Yuriy Dobry

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Gold Medalist, Dr. Jason Richardson

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If you’re feeling frustrated and unfulfilled because you’ve been tirelessly pursuing your dreams with purpose, but nothing seems to be working out, and you’re constantly facing setbacks and roadblocks, then you are not alone!

This week’s guest is Gold Medalist Jason Richardson. After a catastrophic injury, he defied the odds and returned to his passion of racing. But what led him to become a psychologist and expert in sports performance? Join us as Jason shares his journey of soul searching, overcoming obstacles, and discovering the keys to success. But just when it seems like he’s found the answer, a shocking twist leaves him facing a difficult choice. Don’t miss this gripping story of resilience and determination.

In this episode:

  • Tackling hurdles head-on and paving a path toward true accomplishment
  • Igniting your inner fire and taking calculated leaps toward your dreams
  • Fostering an optimistic lifestyle and implementing restorative wellness strategies
  • Examining your core beliefs and determining your authentic ambitions
  • Embracing minimalist techniques to reach your objectives and prevent standing still

Meet Jason Richardson, a gold medalist in BMX racing at the Pan Am Games, who has transformed his life after a life-changing injury. With an MBA under his belt and a thriving career in sports psychology, Jason is passionate about helping others find their true desires and cultivate personal growth. As an author of “More, Better, Happier,” he shares his insights on overcoming challenges and embracing life’s opportunities. As a guest on the Gary Scott Thomas Show, Jason’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious, making him a friend you’d want to have by your side in your journey of self-discovery.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Check out Dr. Jason Richardson’s book It’s All BS! We’re All Wrong, And You’re All Right! for tips on improving mental health.
  • Consider seeking out a sports psychologist, like Dr. Richardson, for help with improving performance and mental health.
  • Practice avoiding the four things that rob you of energy: comparing, complaining, complicating, and worrying.
  • Focus on feeling your emotions and finding ways to be productive and helpful to yourself and others.
  • Seek help for clinical issues from professionals in the field.


“Having the intention of racing actually sped up and gave me great not just motivation, but a great intention to heal and get better and push myself.” ~Jason Richardson

“Gratitude is one of the biggest things that can help you not only get over a hump but actually take stock of where you are.” ~Jason Richardson

“If you are truly not happy with where you are or even who you are, what is the opposite of that?” ~Jason Richardson

“Comparing, complaining, complicating, and worrying, those are the four things that just suck energy out of us.” ~Jason Richardson

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The podcast cover for Here's What We Know, with a picture of this week's guest Dr. Geoff Nugent.

Dr. Geoff Nugent

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For the second week of our Mental Health Awareness Month series, I was joined by Dr. Geoff Nugent of Nugent Family Counseling Center. We dove into some great insights on mental health, parenting tips, and career success.

In this episode:

  • The value of therapy
  • Being present and validating someone’s feelings
  • Life is full of beauty, but sometimes we need help to remove obstacles
  • Learning the value of the dollar at a young age
  • How strong family values instilled a strong work ethic and helped with achieving higher education
  • Parents should teach children what values look like instead of just giving money
  • Adolescent struggles with mental health due to COVID
  • Setting boundaries with children
  • Finding joy and happiness
  • Controlling what can be controlled and focusing on the positive can influence others in a positive way
  • Parenthood and expectations


“So we’re taught that we are supposed to be able to rely on what goes on in our head, that the intuition, the thoughts, the logical aspects that come out, that we can use that information to help us manage in the world. But for individuals suffering from mental health, that is where that construction is misguided. It’s not used properly, and it comes across logically to them. Even though when you start to say it out loud or you start to work with somebody, it actually isn’t logical; it’s illogical. But because we’re stuck in our heads with the justification that we come up with, it’s there; it sounds real.” ~Dr. Geoff Nugent

“The statistics show right now that the average adolescent, the average has had at least six to nine suicidal thoughts during their adolescent gosh because of the things that go on around them, the struggles that they face, the relationships, and the issues that come up through them.” ~Dr. Geoff Nugent

“I think we use the word depression as kind of a common day everyday term nowadays where we need to separate it out from what is kind of an everyday type depression.” ~Dr. Geoff Nugent

“kids will pick up more of what we do, our actions, than what we say.” ~Dr. Geoff Nugent


Nugent Family Counseling Center was founded in 2015 by Geoff Nugent, Ph.D., LMFT, LPCC, BCPC, CSPC, who had been in Private practice since 2009. The practice currently serves clients at three office locations in San Jose, Santa Clara, California, and Reno, Nevada.

The team at Nugent Family Counseling Center supports a diverse community of children, adolescents, adults, and families who are affected by conditions such as addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, and grief. They strive to provide clients with the tools needed to understand and acknowledge the effects that their emotions and behaviors have on themselves and their personal relationships.

Counseling sessions focus on reminding families what they love about each other and utilize a combination of individual, family, and couples therapies. The innovative therapy approaches offered include dialectical behavioral therapy, psychological testing, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, marriage counseling, and anger management.

They are also proud to offer neurofeedback treatments that are used as positive reinforcements for the brain and to teach the brain to change itself. These include positive effects on behaviors, attention, mood, and cognition.

Nugent Family Counseling Center understands that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to counseling. The team aims to get to know all clients on a personal level and work together to create informed care plans. They also recognize that clients evolve throughout the counseling process and ensure that sessions and techniques are consistently modified accordingly.

To receive further information about the counseling services offered by the team at Nugent Family Counseling Center, call or book an appointment today.