Ann Gustafson

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This week on the Here’s What We Know Podcast, hear an inspiring conversation with Ann Gustafson, author of the book “Seeds Sown, A Walk of Faith with the Intention of Restoration.” Anne shares her unexpected journey from being a nurse for 29 years to becoming an author following her diagnosis and battle with colon cancer at age 49. Despite living a healthy lifestyle and having no risk factors typically associated with the disease, Ann faced what many cancer patients experience—a sense that their body has betrayed them.

Don’t miss this powerful story that could offer comfort or guidance for people facing similar battles or seeking comfort from someone who has walked that path before—to spread hope and knowledge that can make all the difference during challenging times! Tune in now!

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In this Episode:

    • The transformative power of adversity and how unexpected life events can lead to growth and self-discovery.
    • Ann’s background as a nurse with 29 years under her belt, who faced her own health crisis when diagnosed with colon cancer at age 49.
    • The surprising revelation that despite leading a healthy lifestyle, she was not immune to illness challenged the misconception that disease always follows rules.
    • Insights into navigating healthcare systems during COVID times; from patient advocacy to questioning medical practices amidst pandemic protocols.
    • How faith played an integral role in coping with her diagnosis and treatment. Discover how spiritual beliefs can provide solace and strength even when confronting mortality.
    • Personal anecdotes related to farming life lessons which influenced Ann’s resilience and perspective on life challenges.

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“I didn’t ever anticipate being an author. I’m a nurse by trade and have done that for 29 years and so when this little pivot point happened I was called to write the book and tell my story.”  ~ Ann Gustafson

“I’m a nurse. We are horrible patients.”  ~ Ann Gustafson

“If I’m healed here on Earth because that means God has a plan for me. And I’ve got a purpose to fulfill. But if the healing is going to be on heaven’s side now, that’s okay, because I’ll be healed and perfect. I’ll be up in heaven. So I know it’s going to be healed either way. And that’s when I started to calm down.”  ~ Ann Gustafson

“As nurses, our job is to educate and be an advocate for patients, but also let the patients make their decisions.”  ~ Ann Gustafson

“I’m only doing this because I think I know you want me to do it. And this is not about me. It’s about reaching out and hopefully touching a couple of people.”  ~ Ann Gustafson


Ann Gustafson was raised on a family farm in Northwest Iowa, where she was blessed to be nurtured by her parents and tolerated by her older siblings. She attended the University of Iowa, earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Before Ann’s life-changing health experience, she spent many years as a Registered Nurse in Labor/Delivery. Her career path led her to serve as a nurse consultant in a corporate wellness company, where she provided positive health plans for clients.

After learning of her colon polyp diagnosis and the steps needed to remove it, Ann had a pivotal moment in her surgeon’s office. She turned her colon cancer journey from a quiet chapter to writing her story to help others navigate and overcome various obstacles they may experience far beyond colon cancer. Ann now enjoys sharing her story to help equip others to be prepared for a possible crisis moment/diagnosis in their life journey.

Guest Contact Info:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mamagustafson/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ann-gustafson-573242a/

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Walker Hayes

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This week on the Here’s What We Know Podcast, join us in this heartfelt and candid episode where we welcome back the multi-talented country artist and family man, Walker Hayes. Dive into an intimate conversation about life, parenting, and the journey through success and failure.

For anyone looking for inspiration and a refreshing perspective on what really counts in life, this episode has profound wisdom that will surely resonate with everyone! Tune in now!

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In this Episode You’ll Discover:

  • How Walker balances making music, preparing for tours, and being an active father.
  • His approach to parenting that focuses on creating moments rather than material success.
  • The impact of losing his father in 2021 and how it has shaped his views on appreciating the small things in life.
  • The importance of teaching kids resilience through efforts like trick shots illustrates that success often comes after many attempts.
  • Why he believes the journey is more important than reaching a destination or achieving traditional markers of success.
  • An honest discussion about discipline, setting examples as parents, and having tough but necessary conversations with children for their long-term benefit.
  • A touching moment where Walker shares a personal story about encouraging his daughter to take action towards her dreams.
  • Insights into how families can improve by learning out loud from each other’s mistakes openly at home.


“I’m not the smartest guy in the world and I try to look at the lens through a kind of backward, view of like, you know, life’s pretty short.” ~ Walker Hayes

“One thing I want to do is set up my kids for success. And I don’t mean that as like to make money or to, to make dreams, you know, I just, I think if you have kind of a level of contentment and confidence as you walk through life and you are able to focus on moments and not the past or the future, it’s a very, it’s an asset, to society.” ~ Walker Hayes

“My point is I feel like just seconds on the clock with my kids might be one of the best things I can give them.” ~ Walker Hayes

“If you have kind of a level of contentment and confidence as you walk through life and you are able to focus on moments and not the past or the future, it’s an asset to society. It makes people around you. It makes their shoulders relax and go, Oh yeah, we’re just kind of in this life together.” ~ Walker Hayes

“So if you see me and you’re like, Oh, that dude’s a really great family guy. Trust me. It’s a daily battle. It’s a daily journey, it’s a daily reminder, like, Hey man, I want to, I need to help with these kids.” ~ Walker Hayes

“My music journey is funny. It’s like a 20-year trick shot.” ~ Walker Hayes

“When you’re doing those things in life, what it boils down to the most precious thing about it is who you’re doing it with.” ~ Walker Hayes

“Adults are no different than kids.” ~ Walker Hayes

“I don’t want to ever tell my kids what to do. I just want them to know  It’s up to them, man.” ~ Walker Hayes

“I hate when I start to feel like I sound like a teacher, but I guess I’m old enough to start sounding like a teacher.” ~ Walker Hayes

“I think we’re a better family when we are humble enough to learn out loud.” ~ Walker Hayes

“I really feel like a family is like a tiny little city that God gives us.” ~ Walker Hayes

“I don’t got it all figured out. I’m actually figuring it out as I go a little bit, you know, and, But I’m trying, like, anybody got some advice? You know, anybody got some help? And I think that’s just kind of a thing that community needs, starting in the home.” ~ Walker Hayes

“I thought by the time I was 35 I’d be a freaking genius. Like I would have it, I’d have it down, but all I do is figure out, there’s more that I’m not really understanding.” ~ Walker Hayes

“Things you will not regret are a positive attitude and a hundred percent effort. And really, that’s all you can control.” ~ Walker Hayes

“Every single life that you pass, whatever eight point something billion people every day. They have someone they lost, they have a heart that’s broken, they have scars like you wouldn’t believe, they have a future like you wouldn’t believe, and then some of them are going to be gone by next Wednesday, you know, it’s just insane to think how fast, how forgotten we will be, no matter how large your life is, you know, here on Earth. It is just a stop along the way of eternity. And I feel like the more we can grasp that, the more God can allow us to see the brevity of life.” ~ Walker Hayes

“When I pick up a guitar, it’s an escape, and it’s good because it feeds the kids and it takes care of the family, but it also, steals me away from things that are more important.” ~ Walker Hayes

“I love words, man I love lyrics, and I always have since I wrote my first song as a kid.” ~ Walker Hayes

“And so songwriting, it basically is just a beautiful file cabinet that I organize each day. And the songs for me are like, they’re what I wanted to say. They’re the feeling I want to hand people on a plate.” ~ Walker Hayes


Walker Hayes is a popular American country music artist known for his unique blend of modern sounds and heartfelt storytelling. His hit song “Pants” propelled him to fame and showcased his infectious energy and memorable melodies. With his sincere lyrics and distinct vocal style in the country music industry, Hayes has become a rising star and has also been acknowledged and nominated for significant honors. In addition to his musical accomplishments, Hayes has had a profound social impact through his charitable work. He established the “Be A Craig Fund” in memory of Craig, a kind man who supported Hayes during a trying time in his life. The goal of the fund is to assist people and families in need, highlighting Hayes’ dedication to giving back to his community. His 2017 hit, “You Broke Up with Me,” which had tremendous popularity and chart success. Hayes reaped the benefits of his newfound notoriety by putting out hit singles like “90’s Country” and “Don’t Let Her.” He went viral again after his TikTok video dancing with his daughter to his song “Fancy Like” received millions of views.

Walker is well known for his musical prowess and poignant narrative, but he also has a full personal life that has influenced his artistic development. He is a loving father who finds motivation in his relationships and life experiences. He got married to his high school love, Laney Beville. The couple started dating when they first met while they were teenagers. Hayes’ personal and professional lives have been solidly supported by their enduring love and partnership. Together, they have six children, demonstrating their dedication to raising a strong family and providing a supportive atmosphere. He never ceases to motivate people with his openness, genuineness, and the devotion he shows to both his family and his profession.

Guest Contact Info:

Website: https://www.walkerhayes.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/walkerhayes

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/walkerhayes

X: https://twitter.com/walkerhayes

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@walkerhayesofficial

YouTube: @WalkerHayes