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This week on Here’s What We Know, we’re joined by the global entertainer, Charles Esten. Chip, best known for his role as Deacon Claybourne in the hit TV series “Nashville,” delves into his musical journey with the release of his debut album, “Love Ain’t Pretty.”

Tune in to hear heartfelt insights into his creative process and overcoming hardships through gratitude and music. He also reveals what he believes is waiting for us, “Somewhere in the Sunshine.”

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In this Episode:

  • Chip reveals the collaborative effort behind ‘Love Ain’t Pretty’ with award-winning songwriters.
  • Hear the Impact of the TV show ‘Nashville’ on his life and how they warmly welcomed him as Deacon Claybourne.
  • Chip talks about his journey back to music after initially pursuing acting and how gratitude plays a central role in his life and happiness.
  • Chip highlights the power of gratitude and the beauty of life and the afterlife.
  • He discusses dealing with personal heartbreaks, including his daughter’s battle with leukemia at age two-and-a-half, now fully recovered.
  • He shares his experience performing at the Grand Ole Opry, performing Improv, game show-winning experiences, and acting on Star Trek.


“To be at my age getting now to do these dreams. It’s so precious to me. The fact that I get to do them, I can’t be anything but grateful.” ~ Charles Esten

“I think gratitude is at the root. What you’re calling happiness is deep gratitude.” ~ Charles Esten

“We’re human beings and we have feelings.” ~ Charles Esten

“If you can’t find gratitude, you’re in a bad way. You need a little help; you need somebody to help you find it.” ~ Charles Esten

“The better way to make a comparison is to see how fortunate you are at any given moment like that.” ~ Charles Esten

“Love is beautiful. It’s deeper and richer than just pretty.” ~ Charles Esten

“By the time you reach our age, you’ll agree that there’s very few that don’t. Nobody gets out of this life unscathed.” ~ Charles Esten

“When you go through something and get really bad news, I often have that feeling too, like, I’m not fully processing how bad this is that we call it being in shock. It means you’re not, we don’t have the nerve endings to fully encompass how bad, and thank God we don’t, we’re protected in that moment from really getting it.” ~ Charles Esten

“Love ain’t pretty and life is hard, but in the end, they’re both beautiful and they’re both worth it.” ~ Charles Esten


Charles “Chip” Esten is an American actor, singer, and songwriter. Best known for his roles as Deacon Claybourne on CMT’s Nashville and as Ward Cameron on Netflix’s Outer Banks.

Esten made his theatrical debut in London when he portrayed Buddy Holly, singing, acting, and playing guitar in the hit West End musical “Buddy.” In that role he was honored to perform for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, and eventually President and Mrs. George H.W. Bush at The White House. He was also very honored to perform with Jerry Allison and Joe B. Mauldin, Buddy’s original hitmaking bandmates, the Crickets.

Esten’s many early television credits include recurring roles on “Big Love,” “Enlightened,” “The Office” and “ER.” Besides being the father on Disney Channel’s “Jessie,” he has been a Klingon on “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” a secretary on “Murphy Brown” and Kelly Bundy’s fiance on the series finale of “Married with Children.” His film credits include “Swing Vote,” “Thirteen Days,” “61*” and “The Postman.”

He’s made nearly 170 appearances at Nashville’s iconic Grand Ole Opry and performed multiple headline tours in the US, Germany, Amsterdam, and the UK. Surpassing 21 million streams for his music to date, Esten is a 2018 Guinness World Records title holder for the “Most consecutive weeks to release an original digital single by a music act” after delivering 54 original songs once a week for 54 straight weeks.

In addition, Esten serves as the National Honorary Spokesperson for the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Society’s annual Light The Night Walk and is a board member and volunteer for Musicians On Call.

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXkap1dmvv1M8rWyiiWKFSQ

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