It’s time to get back to traveling! If you’re planning to travel in the near future, definitely listen to this episode before you book anything. In this episode, Gary Scott Thomas is joined by travel agent Susan Lola. She shares the benefits of using a travel agent and talks about some of the opulent trips available. Did you know it doesn’t cost you to use a travel agent like Susan, and can actually save you money? Amazing! 

Also in this episode:

  • The different requirements one must meet for entering different countries
  • Bouncing back after COVID
  • The chances of catching COVID on a cruise
  • How river cruises differ from ocean cruises
  • The most expensive cruises someone can take
  • How to get special packages
  • When to look for non-swimmable beaches
  • Why you should choose an all-inclusive package for your honeymoon


“Travel is still more complicated, even with the internet.” ~Susan Lola

“It doesn’t cost more to use a travel agent.” ~Susan Lola

“You have to know what’s going on in each country and stay on top of all the protocols.” ~Susan Lola

“You’re spending all this money, and you want to get what you pay for.” ~Susan Lola


Susan is an experienced travel advisor with top-notch customer service who will always be there for you РBefore, During, and After travel. She helps create lifetime memories and can assist with tours in Europe, Asia, Australia, and more. She invites you to relax on an ocean cruise to Alaska, Hawaii, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and more, or float on a river cruise in Europe, Asia, Africa, USA.

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