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This week on Here’s What We Know, we sit down with the brilliant author Steve Hines to discuss his book “Salt, Light, & Kids,” and the challenges of parenting in today’s culture. In this book, Steve shares how to raise children to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world our culture desperately needs. Steve offers timeless wisdom for parenting in today’s tech-savvy world and shares insights from his journey, from growing up in Alabama to becoming a lacrosse coach for young boys and now embracing the role of a grandfather, or “Bam,” as his grandchildren affectionately call him. Tune in now!

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In this Episode:

  • Discover the importance of biblically based parenting.
  • Gary and Steve’s perspective on Nick Saban’s retirement as head football coach at the University of Alabama and its impact on college sports.
  • Steve shares what led him to write “Salt, Light, & Kids,” an experience he attributes to divine inspiration.
  • Explore the heartwarming and sometimes challenging dynamics of mentoring and coaching young people.
  • Hear Steve’s insights on navigating the trials of digital influences and cultural challenges.
  • The importance of how you accept and respond when it comes to losing.
  • Steve’s take on being a grandparent: loving anything that someone you love so much loves.


“I thought kids were the greatest thing in most instances when I had them and then when I had grandkids,, I figured out that they were way better than kids.” ~ Steve Hines

“We want our kids today, more than ever, I think parents who have a, you know, really high level of interest in their kids and how they parent for them to be good people and to be lovers of Jesus.”  ~ Steve Hines

“For most people, it’s not hard to become a parent, but for everybody, it’s hard to parent well.”  ~ Steve Hines

“I was always an overly confident person because I was more sure of myself than anything else and that’s pride and that’s not the way to be.”  ~ Steve Hines

‘I just want to encourage parents who are listening; you’re going to make mistakes, and there is no set formula that works for every single kid. And you just have to pray for wisdom and you have to give it everything you have. And sometimes giving it everything you have is doing nothing.”  ~ Steve Hines

“I encourage parents, let your kids fail and let them get themselves out of it.”  ~ Steve Hines

“Losing is terrible. We need to know that nobody should be just fine with losing. And I’ll probably have some people that disagree me on that, but that’s just the way I am. But how you handle losing is really important in terms of, you know, in everything you do, whether it’s losing sports or you get fired from your job or somebody gets a promotion over your whatever, we have to have the mind of Christ and be humble and resilient and all that. “  ~ Steve Hines

“Enjoy winning and find grace in losing.”  ~ Steve Hines


Steve Hines, author of “Salt, Light, & Kids,” lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with his high school sweetheart, Leigh Ann, to whom he has been married for 35 years. Together, they have dedicated decades to mentoring younger parents through parenting study groups and one-on-one relationships. As the father of two adult children and the grandfather of three adorable kids, Steve’s passion for supporting families continues to grow amidst the challenges of today’s culture. A former C.P.A. and life-long entrepreneur, Steve is also a junior high and high school lacrosse coach and an ardent musician.


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