**Trigger warning: Suicide discussed**
This episode is definitely one every musician needs to hear. Talent manager Shai Berry offers sage advice about the music business and talks about the importance of paying attention to mental health.

Key Takeaways From Episode:

  • The power of music
  • How music saved her
  • Red flags when looking for representation
  • What led to her son’s suicide
  • Survivor’s guilt
  • How parents can help support their children’s mental health
  • The Texas music scene
  • Being honest with artists
  • Getting resources for artists


“Musician, you have been given the most powerful tool on earth.” – Shai Berry 

“Music is a thing that brings us all together.” – Shai Berry 

“Music is my therapist.” – Shai Berry 

“[Parents] We need to let some of the little things go so they’ll feel comfortable coming to us with the big things.” – Shai Berry 

“Texas Country is just a way of life here.” – Shai Berry 

“Figure out what your gift is and go give it.” – Shai Berry 

“Every ear matters.” – Shai Berry 


Agent/Manager/Promoter at Zak Webb Music, Talent Agent/Promoter at Rising Star Entertainment Network, Music Agent at 7th Planet Entertainment Group

Guest’s Contact Info:

Instagram @shaiberry.tx

Facebook: @ShaiBerry

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