Scott James

In This Episode:

  • The Blunt Advice Scott’s Mom Gave Him
  • Why Scott Sat in a Ferris Wheel for 51hrs
  • Nature VS Nurture, Adoption, and the Goals of Parenthood
  • The Moment Scott Knew That His Wife Was “the One”
  • The Joys of Radio and a Touching Memory Shared With Scott
  • Why Gary Doesn’t Do Audience Calls Ins On Air Anymore


“You’re trying all that you can try to be as cordial as you can possibly be and all I know is my ass hurts.” – Scott James @CommishScott

“They might be smarter, they might be prettier, but they’re not gonna work harder than I do.” – Scott James @CommishScott

“I want to use the skills and abilities that God gave me to go the farthest that I can for His glory.” – Scott James @CommishScott

“I don’t sing, I can’t carry a tune in a bucket.” – Scott James

“We’re all blessed in certain ways, we are all the best at something.” – Scott James @CommishScott

“Even in this day and age of media fragmentation, there’s a magical thing that happens when a radio station serves the community it’s licensed in.” – Scott James @CommishScott

“What is the spirit of Fatherhood? Is it spreading my genetic material across the land? No, it’s not. The spirit of Fatherhood is bringing a young person up to hopefully affect good in their community and to know God.” – Scott James @CommishScott

“You could learn from your mistake and move on and not make that mistake again, today that one mistake might cost your livelihood and I don’t like being in that environment, but it’s the environment we’re in.” – Scott James @CommishScott

“You’ve gotta realize that that person that represents you in the elected office is just like you and they will make a mistake and more than anything you want them to be honest about it rather than try to cover it up.” – Scott James @CommishScott

Guest’s Bio:

A community-involved Northern Colorado native, Scott James is a 38-year veteran media personality and host of Scott & Sadie in the Morning heard weekdays on Big 97.9 (KXBG-FM). Awarded Best Morning Show, Best News/Talk Personality, and Best Station Entertainment Personality by the Colorado Broadcasters’ Association, Scott, his wife, Julie, and 14-year old son, Jack, call Johnstown, Colorado, home. A former Mayor of Johnstown, Scott delights in public service and continues that service as a Weld County Commissioner representing District 2.

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