Sam LaCrosse #2

By April 26, 2023July 4th, 2023Author

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Sam LaCrosse, author of “Value Economics,” joins this episode to discuss his worldview and how our values inform our behavior.

In this episode:

  • Boxing and Not Getting Punched
  • Giving Kids Mythological Names
  • Sam’s Dating Troubles
  • The Positive Side of Adversity
  • The Dangers of Porn
  • Paying You Dues 
  • His Publishing Journey
  • Putting One’s Value in One’s Job
  • The Impact of Past Experiences on Present Behavior


“I think that even with this whole thing of doing all this, all this kind of stuff, I’ve kind of settled into that mindset of really earning my way in, no matter what it is. And I think I’m comfortable going that route.” ~Sam LaCrosse

“It was like 95 degrees out with Ohio humidity, so it was probably over a hundred degrees. I did that for 13 hours, and I got a cold shower and a can of Sprite and a thanks. And that was it.” ~Sam LaCrosse 

“It’s about persuasion. It’s not about everything else. So if we just go and we just try to drop nukes on one another left and right and all these conversations without even considering their side of the argument. I think that’s a very, very big mistake.” ~Sam LaCrosse

“It really puts a very unfair burden on young women in particular, but women in general, because you know, one, you objectify them, and two, you treat them as objects.” ~Sam LaCrosse


According to Sam, Sam LaCrosse is a nobody. He hasn’t done anything amazing. He is not extraordinary or impressive. He doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry. He’s just an ordinary guy from Cleveland, Ohio, who now lives an ordinary life in Austin, Texas. But if you want to check him out, he’s the author of “Value Economics: The Study of Identity, writes blogs on, and hosts Don’t Listen to This Podcast. Sam is the CEO and founder of Don’t Do This, LLC, a company that makes no money. He is also a board member of Thrive Living Corporation and an ambassador for RallyCap Sports.

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