On this week’s inspiring episode, our guest, Neal Goldstein, discusses overcoming adversity and finding strength in the most challenging situations. Neal opens up about his childhood, marked by his father’s emotional and verbal abuse, and his early responsibilities as the primary caregiver for his mother diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Listen in as he reflects on how these experiences have shaped him, not just as an individual but also as a parent striving to create the family he never had.

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In this episode, you’ll be able to:

  • From Dysfunction to Success
  • Finding Your Tribe and Embrace Present
  • Assigning Motives and Finding Wisdom
  • Appreciating Ordinary Moments and Family Bonds
  • Discovering Authentic Advocacy Through Life’s Journeys
  • Truth and Success

In this episode:

(0:00:07) – From Dysfunction to Success
We talk about an abusive father, being an “oops baby,” mortality rate, and his surprise at his current life.

(0:15:08) – Finding Your Tribe and Embrace Present
Growing up poor, mental health, and having a supportive tribe are discussed, emphasizing a unique outlook on life.

(0:18:54) – Assigning Motives and Finding Wisdom
Phil’s mentorship, avoiding worst motives, and making ordinary extraordinary shape one’s outlook.

(0:25:36) – Appreciating Ordinary Moments and Family Bonds
Savour ordinary moments, find strength in adversity, communicate with children, and explore how experiences shape us.

(0:37:22) – Discovering Authentic Advocacy Through Life’s Journeys
Motivated by advocating for his mother, he pursued law school to become an advocate for those in need.

(0:49:49) – Truth and Success
We discussed truth, success, savoring moments, strength in adversity, and his journey to becoming a lawyer.


At sixteen, Neal Goldstein dropped out of high school. It was the last in a long line of defeats for an underprivileged boy, self-raised in a tumultuous home with an abusive father and a mother who was significantly disabled with Multiple Sclerosis. Neal did the only thing he could think to do: quit dreaming of a future, get a job, and look after his mom as well as he could. Once Neal could find the genuine relationships he was searching for, he allowed himself to take the courageous steps of getting his high school equivalency diploma and continued his successful journey. In the book, he shares his moving stories and asks the reader, through the lessons he learned, to look at their own lives through his action steps at the end of each chapter. Now, Neal Goldstein is a partner at the law firm of Goldstein and Bashner and lives with his wife, Gina, on Long Island. He loves to travel and spend time with his family.


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