Nate Deaton

Nate Deaton

KRTY VP/General Manager         

Key Takeaways From Episode:

  • Nate’s Thoughts After Getting the Johnson and Johnson COVID Shot
  • New COVID Safety Precautions For Music Events
  • The Difference Between the CMA and the ACMs
  • Why Nate Thinks the ACMs Are Making a Political Statement
  • What Keith Urban Said To Nate
  • Why Don Felder Got Fired From the Eagles
  • Thoughts On Why Don Henley Is an Ass and Chris Stapleton Is a Jerk


“If you’ve had a vaccination and you have a vaccination card, it’s about the easiest thing in the world to forge.” – Nate Deaton

“I have a Johnson and Johnson with no reaction.” – Nate Deaton

“One of my issues in the past has been that when songs were nominated for Single of the Year, they weren’t number one songs.” – Nate Deaton

“I’m not really quite sure why Jimmie Allen isn’t hosting instead of Mickey Guyton.” – Nate Deaton 

 “Steven Tyler was in fact in his bathrobe.” – Nate Deaton

“Chris Stapleton is just not a nice man and Chris Stapleton is a bitter man about just making hundreds of millions of dollars from being a songwriter for years and not having any radio airplay.” – Nate Deaton

Guest’s Bio:

I have been living in San Jose since I was 12 in 1973 when it was just a small suburb of San Francisco in those days known mostly for fruit tree orchards and great climate.  I graduated High School here and San Jose State during which my love for radio was born. I worked  in the promotions department at Rock Legend KSJO from 1984-1986 and then started booking headline entertainment and grounds attractions for the Santa Clara County Fair from 1987-1992. It was there I met and married my wife of 33 years Judy.

I started as the promotion director at KRTY in 1994, rose to marketing director in 1998 and was named General Manager in 2006.  My role really has not changed much over the years, as a locally owned and operated station all of our staff are involved in every aspect of the station. Picking songs, coordinating promos and making our clients money.

The growth of Silicon Valley in my years here is echoed in the philosophy of the radio station. To stay alive you have to innovate. We are in the innovation capitol of the world and our residents build tomorrow.  If we are not the most forward thinking radio station in terms of new music, new artists and new types of ways to introduce it, someone in our own market will invent something that does just that. Music discovery and artist development is what we do. We play new music and bring those artists to the market to make our fans their fans. 

We book and produce over 50 shows a year at the Rodeo Club and through our one of a kind Songwriters Series at Clos La Chance Winery.  It is the next step in music innovation with live performance.

In my spare time I play a lot of golf and umpire little league games.  Judy and I have one son, Drew, a graduate of University of Arizona who is a Territory Rep for Milwaukee Tools.

Guest’s Contact Info:

Instagram @Ndeatonkrty

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