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In this week’s episode of Here’s What We Know, Mark “Kid” Corona joined me to talk about how his career in radio was affected by the shift away from music being the star of radio. And what unique career path he’s on now. Hint: if you like trivia, stay tuned!

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In This Episode:

  • Why Kid sees a decline of passion among radio listeners
  • How streaming affected his career choice
  • Value of podcasts for personalized content creation
  • The creation of Jack Trivia, the world’s first TV-gameshow-style trivia show for bars and restaurants
  • Learning to let others have their moment
  • Admiration for Rick Dees’ radio talent and success
  • What meeting Mark Wahlberg was like
  • Negative experience trying to approach Ben Affleck


“Not a lot of people can do that [create comfortable conversations], and I think it was brilliant of him [Rick Dees].” — Mark “Kid” Corona 

“The Music Is No Longer the Star. Now the radio personality really has the opportunity to become the star. They, in fact, have to be the star now because you have to be able to tune in that radio station and get what you’re not going to get at the other five radio stations in town.” — Mark “Kid” Corona 

“I didn’t know that there was such a thing [trivia company]. It just wasn’t something I ever came across.” — Mark “Kid” Corona 

Pioneering the World’s First TV Style Trivia Show: “We are literally pioneering this whole thing. We are just going, and whatever happens next happens. But it’s worked out so far, and we’re the only ones doing this. And that, to me, is the most exciting part about this whole Jack Trivia thing that I’ve been doing for the last five years.” — Mark “Kid” Corona

“It’s time to think differently when it comes to your parties, meetings, and groups.”— Gary Scott Thomas 

“I’ve had my experience in Country radio where I feel like the Country artists are a lot more humble. The Country artists are the kind to invite us backstage and hang out. ‘Hey, dude, we got whiskey over there. We got some Jack Daniels. Do whatever you want, man. Yeah, let’s go have pictures over here.’ We’ll get some drinks over here. They’re always taking care of you. I remember many of them would come up, ‘You guys good?’ And I’m like, dude, you’re the star, not me. But you’re checking up on me to make sure that I’m good. And your room is full of stock. They’re just more humble than any other types of artists I met through pop and hip-hop radio. And that’s what I love about Country.” — Mark “Kid” Corona

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Guest’s Bio:

Breaking into the commercial radio business at just 15 years old, Corona made his first international cameo on the top-charting hit “AZ Side” by Nasty Boy Klick, which would be his first and last appearance as something other than an absolute goofball of a person. It would all go downhill from there.

In 2008, long before the birth of TikTok challenges, and perhaps even their creators, Corona made national news for an on-air April Fool’s joke called “Tattoo Your Toddler.”

From hosting mornings on Los Angeles radio to a Saturday night music video and entertainment television show, the many talents (and characters) of Kid Corona show just how versatile he is.

And if you aren’t convinced just yet, Google the “Republic of Slowjamastan,” and it won’t take long to find Corona in the mix as the country’s Chief Border Patrol Agent, donning a beret and aviators while wielding a flamethrower as he protects the borders of the world’s newest nation – whose biggest threat is invaders wearing Crocs. True story!

But if you’re hoping to increase your odds of meeting Corona these days – in person or virtually – you’ll want to play along with America’s most exciting trivia game, Jack Trivia! Compete at your local restaurant or watering hole or online –  either way, you’re sure to have a blast. Play solo or with friends as a contestant on this new and addictingly fun take on classic bar trivia.

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