Lissa Kreisler

In This Episode:

  • Shot In Your Arm, Not Your Butt…Lissa’s Thoughts After Getting the COVID Vaccine
  • Due to His Southern Accent, People Think Gary Isn’t as Smart
  • How Having Severe Scoliosis Developed Lissa’s Humor and Outlook on Life
  • Why Lissa Got in Trouble For Sharing About Her Daughter’s Breakup on Air
  • The Stories of Their Worst and Best Interview Guests
  • The Weirdest Places Gary and Lissa Have Been Recognized


“Say what you want about me, I’ll laugh along with you, it’s probably true.” – Lissa Kreisler

“I wore a full body brace for 3 years, went from my chin down to my hip.” – Lissa Kreisler

“I don’t know what to call her, I’d like to call her the word that starts with a b.” – Lissa Kreisler

“I think the interview was going fine until I asked him if it was true that he really hit Paris Hilton and then for some reason he did not want to talk to us anymore.” – Lissa Kreisler

“We were interviewing him and he was swimming in his pool naked while we were talking to him.” – Lissa Kreisler

“We were interviewing him live and he’s swimming in his pool naked and he asks me if I’m on the pill.” – Lissa Kreisler
“People like people to ask about them.” – Lissa Kreisler

Guest’s Bio:

She’s a local gal who has been at KLOK 1170 for 10 years. What started as an internship ended as the Ralph Jim and Lissa morning show. She spent 30 years doing mornings at KBAY and was inducted into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame in 2015.
She loves doing Community Storytelling on KCAT-15 in Los Gatos!
She’s a full-time grandma of 3–ages 2-6
She thinks life is wonderful…even in COVID!

Guest’s Contact Info:

Instagram Username: @Lissakreisler

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