Justin B. Long

Key Takeaways From Episode:

  • Why Justin Has Used The Pen Name J. Boyd Long and How He Makes His Characters Names
  • Why Science-Fiction Writers Are The Watchguard of The Human Race 
  • How Damaged People Raise Damaged People and Generational Cycles of Brokenness
  • How a Garbage Can Was Used For Punishment In Justin’s Childhood
  • Weaponizing the Bible
  • How To Heal From Abusive Parents


“We all have the ability to change things about ourselves,  but if we don’t know that and we don’t know what the tools are to get us where we’re trying to go, then we just stay broke.” – Justin B Long

“If there is a way to make money and screw people over, there is somebody that’s willing to do it.” – Justin B Long

“I’ve learned that alcohol wasn’t my problem, alcohol was a solution that worked and then it didn’t work, my real problem was the way that I felt about myself.” – Justin B Long

“His only emotion that he could really put out was rage and hostility and he didn’t know how else to express himself.” – Justin B Long
“Second grade was the year that my mom decided that the television screen was satanic.” – Justin B Long

Guest’s Bio:

Justin Boyd Long is a self-embracing nerd who loves crunching numbers, researching interesting things, and listening to podcasts, in addition to reading loads of books. His exposure to Stephen King’s books at the age of 10 probably stunted him in some way, but he is still determined to leave the world a better place than he found it. He lives near Gainesville, Florida on a small farm with his incredible wife, 7 horses, 5 cats, 2 donkeys, 2 dogs, and a sheep named Gerald.

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