Main Topics:

  • Why Gary Threw A Chair
  • Seeing The Same Thing, But Not Thinking The Same Thing
  • An Altercation With a Drunk Man On an Airplane
  • A 20th High School Reunion Story
  • Why Boring People Are Fascinating 
  • The Favor Of Shutting Up
  • A Nashville Bar Fight
  • Changing Perspectives, Conversing Politictics Without Placation


Quotations From This Episode: (In Order Of Time Occurred)

“I still remember how my stomach seized up and I just felt everything fall inside of me.” – Julie Stevens

“…All of the sudden, this guy picks up a chair and he throws it against the wall” – Julie Stevens

“We know morning shows, male and female morning shows that could not stand each other.” – Julie Stevens

“We live in such a PC world and I just wanna smack people in the head.” -Julie Stevens

“I really don’t know from day to day what’s about to happen.” – Julie Stevens

“Shut up you drunk old man!” – Julie Stevens (33:04-33:06)

“We did each other the favor of not talking to each other.” – Julie Stevens

Guest’s Bio:

Mom, Program Director of 95.3 KRTY, Co-Host of KRTY Morning Show

Guest’s Contact Info:

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  • john okeefe says:

    You two just work!. I’ve listened to you for the 21 years you have been together and have always enjoyed the back and forth. Thanks.

  • Kevin the mailman says:

    Take 1 Julie and 1 Gary in the morning best Damn prescription we take in the bay area everyday!! They paid me to walk around and I loved my job. Thank You for what you for us and eachother. 2020 and 2021 has and will be our toughest and saddest for many. The KRTY is more than a radio station and you 2 & Nate are the best of the best. Love to you both and your family’s . G you know Julie is the glue so don’t piss her off. 😂

  • Shane says:

    Great show! Would not had expected anything else. I am so grateful I can listen to your morning show even though I don’t live in the bay area anymore. Please do another with just you two.

  • Jeanette Da rosa says:

    As someone who has listened to you both for 20 years, I absolutely love this episode! I would hate to ever see Julie leave krty, but should it ever happen… Gary and Jeanette sounds pretty damn good… lol! I love your chemistry! It’s unparallel to anything else on bay area radio. Thank you for making my mornings bright for the last 2 decades. Grateful to now know you both on a whole nother level. Cheers to many years to come!

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