Main Topics:

  • Why Julie Thinks Morgan Wallen Should Not Be Excluded From the CMA Awards
  • Julie’s Personal Experience With How the Media Twists the Truth and the Problem With Anonymous Quotations
  • Why Taylor Swift’s Management Called Julie
  • Tearing People Down For Money, The Dark Side of Hollywood
  • Why Julie Threatened To Sue Her Son’s School
  • The Significance of Choice
  • Indoctrination, Domestic Terrorists, and Hating the Government


“I hate the government with everything I’m about and I think everybody should.” – Julie Stevens

“The principal was so mad that they sent him out of the class and put him in the place where the janitor stored the old paint cans, that’s where he sat while the rest of the class watched the movie.” – Julie Stevens

“A guy made a mistake, he apologized for the mistake, he put his money where his mouth was, he gave $500,000 to the ACLU, and still they won’t let him be a part of things. I’m sorry, but I am so sick of this.” – Julie Stevens

“Taylor’s camp thinks that it was a hit piece…that the hedge fund somehow convinced billboard magazine to do a hit piece on Taylor Swift so that it would sort of tank the remakes.” – Julie Stevens

“My faith is that nothing matters more to God than your ability to choose.” – Julie Stevens

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Mom, Program Director of 95.3 KRTY, Co-Host of KRTY Morning Show

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  • Lori Pichotta says:

    This is my first time finding your podcasts and listening. I love how passionate Julie is about her beliefs and convictions. I really enjoy when the two of you get going on a topic and present two sides, respectfully. That is so desperately missing in today’s society.

    I whole-heartedly agree with Julie’s stance when it came to not allowing her son to watch a movie that he at his age (nor his classmates) would understand how to process. Good for you!!!

    I’ve been listening to KRTY since about 1992, and love that you’re still around!

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