Joss Taylor

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“I saw the monster and I was actually very calm.” – Jocelyn Taylor

“I flung the door open with the cat poop scoop in my hand and I woke him up.” – Jocelyn Taylor

“The Facebook app I get my newsfeed from, I threw in the garbage ‘cause I thought, ‘I’m being ruined by this.” – Jocelyn Taylor

“He came into my room, I heard the door open, I was sound asleep and the light came on…” – Jocelyn Taylor

“The wall of fire was behind her house!” – Jocelyn Taylor

“Dark humor is people making sense of a bad situation.” – Jocelyn Taylor

“The brain likes things to make sense, the brain likes things to be in order.” – Jocelyn Taylor

“Social media is a very scary place.” – Jocelyn Taylor

Guest’s Bio:

A California girl doing morning radio with my husband in San Diego! I’m a wife, daughter, friend, and cat-mom!

Guest’s Contact:

Instagram & Twitter: @robandjoss

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