Joseph Kazdan

Key Takeaways From Episode:

  • Human Perception
  • How Mathematics Shapes The Way We Think
  • Where Is Consciousness?
  • Manifest Reality and the Hidden Dimension of Reality
  • How Assuming Every Decision Is Wrong Is Liberating
  • Joseph’s Book “Tao”
  • Alien Life and If They Came Here


“When I went to college, I found that mathematics came with a culture.” – Joseph Kazdan

“Having a clock is a tool, but it is not reality. We arbitrarily create clocks and from that arbitrary creation the world changes to our experience of it.” – Joseph Kazdan

“There’s no amount of time in the universe that can affect reality and there’s no amount of space in the universe that can contain it. It’s beyond those concepts.” – Joseph Kazdan

“The entire universe is a manifest phenomenon, but that’s only because we are, not because it is.” – Joseph Kazdan

“He wanted to know God’s thoughts.” – Joseph Kazdan

“Because we turned the world into a clock, everything has a beginning and an end, and that is an illusion, just another one of the illusions of living a manifest existence.” – Joseph Kazdan

Guest’s Bio:

J. Joseph Kazden was born in Brooklyn, New York, and he studied mathematics, chemistry, and psychology in college during the early 1970s. Deeply influenced by the ideas of such thinkers like Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, he began a lifelong pursuit of the nature of perception and reality. This led to the study of Taoist, Buddhist, and Hindu thought, along with shamanic and First Peoples rituals and practices, in addition to continued study in physics and cosmology, focusing on the counterintuitive nature of the reality described by relativity, quantum mechanics, and particle physics.

In the early eighties, he began a career in art, focusing on images generated by the psyche, which Jung called archetypes of the collective unconscious. Believing that the world we experience is not the ultimate reality, he came to an epiphany in 2012. This book is the culmination of this journey and the expression of that epiphany.

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