Jeremy Davis

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“There’s an overwhelming sense of gratitude that I have every single day I wake up and I draw a breath.” ~ @jeremyandredavis

“You will no longer have the luxury of not caring about people, that’s not acceptable anymore.” ~ @jeremyandredavis

“I wanna put all you jerks on notice.” @jeremyandredavis

“If you’re a leader and you coach other people, do not coach your wife, it will end tragically.” ~ @jeremyandredavis

“Would you want to be measured in the way that you’re measuring them?” ~ @jeremyandredavis

“You know what, I’m gonna go crap on Gary’s day today.” ~ @jeremyandredavis

“There are some people who are just professional haters.” ~ @jeremyandredavis

Guest’s Bio:

Over the last 20 years, Jeremy has had the opportunity to be in leadership in some incredible organizations. His diverse professional experience consists of working for 3 Fortune 500 companies, various leadership roles, and recently ending a 7-year tenure with an organization that had a #1 rating by Glass Door, “Best places to work”. His obsession with leadership, cultural health, organizational effectiveness, and development, is what drives his passion to help organizations. Seeing them create environments that allow their top leaders to thrive, grow, and ultimately achieve the organization’s goals. He truly believes that organizations can be “agents of change” in not only their marketplace but in the lives of their most valuable asset… their people! 

Jeremy is a coach, a consultant, a communicator, and a content creator. Most importantly, he is passionate about all things people, and a champion of personal growth and development. He is committed to helping individuals realize their full potential, and helping organizations create environments that set an environment conducive to leadership growth. Strong leaders build successful organizations!

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