Jeff Kurkjian

By November 24, 2021Music

Key Takeaways From Episode:

  • Why Jeff Avoids Controversial Topics
  • What’s Viral in Vegas
  • Gary’s Twenty Two Minute Live Interview With Walker Hayes
  • How Jeff Met His Finacée on Tinder
  • The Story Jeff Told Ashley McBryde
  • Why Anybody Can Do A Podcast
  • Jeff Was Born With a Cleft Palate, The Struggles He Faces Because Of It
  • Problems With Health Insurance


“Well, I think the reality of the situation is that he was fired and that there were investigations coming down.” ~Jeff Kurkjian

“She was my first ever match on a dating app and now we’re engaged.”~Jeff Kurkjian

“If I have four minutes with Kelsea Ballerini before her new song comes out that’s ‘cause she’s doing four minutes with every radio station across the country.”~Jeff Kurkjian

“An insurance company told him, ‘Well, we don’t know if you’re sick enough yet to be getting this certain treatment.’”~Jeff Kurkjian

Guest’s Bio:

Jeff hosts “Jeff & Aimee In The Morning” on 102.7 Coyote Country in Las Vegas! Born in Dallas, raised in Maryland and a proud Syracuse University graduate, Jeff has dedicated his life to radio.

Guest’s Contact Info:

Instagram @jpkurkjian

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