James Lilja

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James Lilja

Drummer for Bunko, a founding member of Offspring, and real-life surgeon


“Phosgene doesn’t really get affected by a urine-soaked sock.” – James Lilja

“…That would be the find of the millennium.” – James Lilja

“The Germanized Romans kicked his ass too, then made a deal with him and let him slip away.” – James Lilja

“You’ll never know the truth, but it’s fascinating to try.” – James Lilja

“We burned everything they wrote.” – James Lilja

“He came and thought it was the work of Satan.” – James Lilja

“Some dude gets assassinated in Austria Hungry by a Serbian national who didn’t really know what he was doing…it was an incompetent assassination.” – James Lilja

“You get a blizzard of uncurated garbage that is then shaped by your search engine algorithm that tries to show you what it thinks you want to hear.” – James Lilja

Guest’s Bio:

Musical “career:” Originally the first drummer for the Offspring. Then quit and got metaphorically lost in the woods forming and dissolving a bunch of bands during the decades between. Then finally got the alchemy right and formed BUNKO….The only band truly capable of transubstantiating social/self mockery into music. Oh, then there’s that detour into medical school/cancer surgery stuff along the way. Boring.

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Instagram: @bunkoband

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