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By October 6, 2021October 12th, 2021Music

In This Episode:

  • The Story Of How Gary Discovered Haley & Michaels At a New Years Eve Party
  • How Haley & Michaels Met In Nashville Even Though They Grew Up Three Miles Apart
  • What Gary Told His Wife On Their First Date
  • The Fears Haley Had Being a Couple and a Musical Duo
  • How Haley & Michaels Came Up With Their Child’s Name
  • How To Get Kids To Eat Things They Don’t Want To
  • Cultural Differences Moving From California to Nashville and Having Friends With Different Political Views
  • Why Micheal Became a Vegan


“The waitress did not know what an avocado was.” – Haley & Michaels

“Country music is just now realizing that there aren’t enough minorities on the radio.” – Haley & Michaels 

“I absolutely one hundred percent offended him, offended the hell out of him.” – Haley & Michaels 

“It was almost double scary, because you wonder, well, if the relationship ends, then what happens to the duo?” – Haley & Michaels

“You could kind of see the demise of my rock band in real-time.” – Haley & Michaels

Guest’s Bio:

Haley & Michaels grew up in Northern California just three miles apart but didn’t meet until they were both living in Nashville. They had immediate chemistry and have been writing and recording together ever since; they were married in May 2015. The duo has been featured on numerous Spotify playlists, amassing over 30 million online streams, has appeared twice on NBC’s Today, and has also experienced great success on SiriusXM’s “The Highway.” They have sold more than 200,000 digital downloads independently. Haley & Michaels signed with Sony/ATV as songwriters, and additionally with Sony ATV’s label imprint Hickory Records/RED Music and are in the studio working on their first full-length studio album due out later this year. 

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  • Carrie Carver says:

    How did the group come together with singing Peace Joy and Love? And where was that filmed at? I love it. It’s my most favorite favorite song.

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