This week on the Here’s What We Know Podcast, host Gary Scott Thomas shared another captivating conversation with the legendary ‘hype guy’ and on-court host of the Golden State Warriors, Franco Finn. He shares his passion for basketball and takes us back to the unforgettable year of 2015, a pivotal moment that marked the beginning of a dynasty. Plus, get ready to uncover surprising truths behind the spotlight of some celebrities through intimate experiences shared by Franco.

So tune in now for all these fascinating stories where entertainment meets athleticism!

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In this Episode:

  • Golden State Warriors 2015 Championship Legacy Rekindled
  • NBA Star Power Dynamics, Drafting, and Team Development highlighting Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, and more.
  • Discover the Coolest Things Backstage
  • Behind the Scenes with Celebrities like NSYNC, Justin Timberlake, Raven Symone, Shia LeBeouf, Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Garth Brook, and Taylor Swift.
  • Industry Evolution Reflection and Creating Value in Radio Production
  • The Story of Our First Radio Commercials


“And the wonderful thing about 2015 is people didn’t expect us to win.” ~ Franco Finn

“I don’t know what today’s gonna bring, it’s a different day. I don’t know what today’s gonna bring, it’s a different day.” ~ Franco Finn

“But some people you see on TV, we all know, doesn’t necessarily mean that’s who they are in real person. They are actors, and actresses, playing goofy, funny characters, and when they’re in person, it’s a whole new ball of wax.” ~ Franco Finn

“These child stars, actors, whatever, they go through, I mean, things that adults would go through, but at their tender young age, they’re not even processing emotions. I mean, they barely have been on this earth, and they’re having to deal with pressures of money, pressures of fame, pressures of jealousy. I mean, you name it, like, we’re still learning, and we’re, you know, we’re older. And you imagine these kids are getting all this at once, thrown at them at one time, and not everyone can handle it. They will crack. And that’s just the unfortunate thing about it.” ~ Franco Finn

“It all kind of comes back to the roots and how you grew up and how you viewed the world.” ~ Franco Finn

“These kids viewed the world so young, so early, where they had money, fame, and everything else, that it may break you, and a lot of times it will and you go through like a rebellion period, right?” ~ Franco Finn

“I think that’s what fascinated me about this business is that you don’t see things right. You only hear it right because it’s the radio but the stories behind it, you know, are insane because you just there’s no visuals So you gotta be creative of the mind.” ~ Franco Finn

“Just take it, give it your best. They may or may not like it, but in that case, I was an artist, I was in my mode, and they freaking loved it.” ~ Franco Finn

“I don’t have to be that guy. I’m this guy I’m my own guy. And so that’s how you got to create your own value where you’re your own brand.” ~ Franco Finn

“That’s why radio, to me, was one of the most powerful tools, and it really did penetrate countries and people more than TV did at the time because people started on radio.”

“Don’t be afraid to just give it a try.” ~ Franco Finn

“I was always like the little guy Station, but that gave me the kind of like everything the know-how to just adapt and go and make a splash. You know how you’re like a big, small mouse with a big voice? I literally was a small mouse with a big voice.” ~ Franco Finn

“I’m different, I’m making some noise, and I know my crowds very well. I don’t care who I’m up against, but this little voice, this mouse, could roar, and that’s how my career started, really.” ~ Franco Finn

“I’m still a student. I don’t care if I have 20 years, 30, 40 years, I can still learn from others that I can apply to myself. And that’s where I think if you’re able to absorb like a sponge, take it in your own way, and then you do it the way you need to do it, but you could always learn from others.” ~ Franco Finn

Guest’s Bio:

Franco Finn is a first-generation San Francisco native. Growing up, Franco attended a bilingual French-American school where he learned to speak fluent French, and that’s where he began his passion for the arts.  Franco graduated with a B.A. in Communications at Santa Clara University, studying television, and film production. Franco has been working in the aviation industry for the past decade, working in a variety of capacities during his aviation career, from Brand Marketing, Partnerships, Communications, External Relations & Employee Engagement. Currently, Franco manages the Community Relations & Engagement efforts for the state of California at Alaska Airlines, while also serving as their company media spokesperson, host, and travel influencer.

Franco is an active member of the San Francisco community, where he also serves on the Executive Board of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, board member for the Hotel Council of San Francisco, and now recently a Commissioner for the City & County of San Francisco’s Film Commission.  When Franco is not working his business and corporate jobs, people may also recognize him and his voice over the last 20 years as the in-arena MC/Host and TV Personality for the NBA World Champion Golden State Warriors. Now in his 20th season, many fans of the beloved sports franchise fittingly know him as the “Hypeman” at the new Chase Center in San Francisco, where he energizes and entertains the often sold-out crowd of 18,000+ fans every night. You’ll hear him introducing the team’s starting lineup, hosting the pre-game show “Warriors TV,” and conducting all the contests and promotions at the arena. Franco is also the first and only Filipino/Asian American “Hypeman” in the NBA. 

Franco Finn is also a well-known professional auctioneer, nicknamed the “Hypeman Auctioneer,” where he shares his voice and influence at many charity benefits, galas, celebrity events, and all types of fundraiser events all around the San Francisco Bay Area, the country, and beyond.  He’s a graduate of the Mendenhall School of Auctioneering in North Carolina, as well as a member of the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) with a Benefit Auction Specialist (B.A.S.) designation. Franco has been involved in a multitude of fundraising events for many years, working with some of the most recognizable non-profit charities and organizations, including the American Red Cross, the March of Dimes, The Ronald McDonald House, the Boys & Girls Clubs, the YMCA, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, just to name a handful, helping to raise millions of dollars and counting in his career!

His media background and experience include being a current segment host on KRON 4 TV, where you can see his recurring “Franco On The Fly” travel segments. He also works as a freelance MC/host for the San Francisco Giants’ special events department for the past 14 seasons. He is a local and national MC and has hosted a variety of signature events as well as sporting events, from NASCAR to Red Bull’s extreme sports competitions.  His previous stints include being an on-air personality and host for TV and radio for entities such as CBS, Comcast SportsNet, the Oakland Raiders (NFL Network), KOFY-TV, Radio Disney, KGO AM 810, and guest appearances on ESPN Radio.

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