Dr. Geoff Nugent

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For the second week of our Mental Health Awareness Month series, I was joined by Dr. Geoff Nugent of Nugent Family Counseling Center. We dove into some great insights on mental health, parenting tips, and career success.

In this episode:

  • The value of therapy
  • Being present and validating someone’s feelings
  • Life is full of beauty, but sometimes we need help to remove obstacles
  • Learning the value of the dollar at a young age
  • How strong family values instilled a strong work ethic and helped with achieving higher education
  • Parents should teach children what values look like instead of just giving money
  • Adolescent struggles with mental health due to COVID
  • Setting boundaries with children
  • Finding joy and happiness
  • Controlling what can be controlled and focusing on the positive can influence others in a positive way
  • Parenthood and expectations


“So we’re taught that we are supposed to be able to rely on what goes on in our head, that the intuition, the thoughts, the logical aspects that come out, that we can use that information to help us manage in the world. But for individuals suffering from mental health, that is where that construction is misguided. It’s not used properly, and it comes across logically to them. Even though when you start to say it out loud or you start to work with somebody, it actually isn’t logical; it’s illogical. But because we’re stuck in our heads with the justification that we come up with, it’s there; it sounds real.” ~Dr. Geoff Nugent

“The statistics show right now that the average adolescent, the average has had at least six to nine suicidal thoughts during their adolescent gosh because of the things that go on around them, the struggles that they face, the relationships, and the issues that come up through them.” ~Dr. Geoff Nugent

“I think we use the word depression as kind of a common day everyday term nowadays where we need to separate it out from what is kind of an everyday type depression.” ~Dr. Geoff Nugent

“kids will pick up more of what we do, our actions, than what we say.” ~Dr. Geoff Nugent


Nugent Family Counseling Center was founded in 2015 by Geoff Nugent, Ph.D., LMFT, LPCC, BCPC, CSPC, who had been in Private practice since 2009. The practice currently serves clients at three office locations in San Jose, Santa Clara, California, and Reno, Nevada.

The team at Nugent Family Counseling Center supports a diverse community of children, adolescents, adults, and families who are affected by conditions such as addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, and grief. They strive to provide clients with the tools needed to understand and acknowledge the effects that their emotions and behaviors have on themselves and their personal relationships.

Counseling sessions focus on reminding families what they love about each other and utilize a combination of individual, family, and couples therapies. The innovative therapy approaches offered include dialectical behavioral therapy, psychological testing, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, marriage counseling, and anger management.

They are also proud to offer neurofeedback treatments that are used as positive reinforcements for the brain and to teach the brain to change itself. These include positive effects on behaviors, attention, mood, and cognition.

Nugent Family Counseling Center understands that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to counseling. The team aims to get to know all clients on a personal level and work together to create informed care plans. They also recognize that clients evolve throughout the counseling process and ensure that sessions and techniques are consistently modified accordingly.

To receive further information about the counseling services offered by the team at Nugent Family Counseling Center, call or book an appointment today.

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