“It was truly by accident that I got to do voice overs.”- Dave Steele

“You have to define yourself in a new way to become different.” – Dave Steele

“I pulled off a real snotty dad moment.” – Dave Steele

“Lee Brice sits in this preschool entertaining kids, moms, and dads for the better part of four hours at the behest of my daughter.” – Dave Steele

“My entire goal is when I have grandkids is to go over to my kid’s house, open their doors, turn on the heater, turn on all the lights, run the water on all the faucets, flush the toilets fifteen times, and run through the house with toilet paper…and leave.” – Dave Steele

“There was a leak, something ignited, and the house literally popped off the foundation and slid about 4 feet.” – Dave Steele

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He grew up in Colorado and got into the radio industry in 1985. He managed to run through Radio in many states and then progressed to voiceovers.

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