Craig Allen Cooper

If you need some encouragement, this episode will do it! Have you heard Walker Hayes’ song “Craig?” This is THAT Craig! This story is just so good. Craig shares about the first time he met Walker, how they became friends, and about the book they just wrote together. This episode will definitely lift you up.

Also in this episode:

  • The first time he realized Walker was a talented artist
  • What he thought the first time he heard the song
  • Tearing down the fence between their houses
  • How Walker encouraged him
  • How God answered Craig’s questions about his purpose
  • The time he failed as a minister
  • How he got into ministry
  • Why Gary has so much Alabama gear
  • Writing a book with Walker Hayes


“It’s really remarkable what the Lord’ done.” ~Craig Allen Cooper

“The smile of God was on both our families.” ~Craig Allen Cooper

“Dude, mark my words. You [Walker Hayes] will pack stadiums.” ~Craig Allen Cooper

“Jesus is alive and is working today.” ~Craig Allen Cooper

“God’s a refuge for us.” ~Craig Allen Cooper

“God is in charge.” ~Craig Allen Cooper


I’ll share a little bit about me (and I’d love to hear more about you!). I’m a Bible teacher, author, and speaker based in the greater Nashville, TN area. 

Basically, I’m the guy next door. I live an incredibly ordinary life, but I’ve seen God do some extraordinary, remarkable things — things that can only be attributed to Him.

I love meeting new people and hearing everyone’s unique stories, and I have a deep passion for encouraging others — who doesn’t need more encouragement in this broken world?

I believe every person on this planet has divinely attributed value, worth, and dignity as individuals created in the image of God, and that means that you are so valuable in God’s sight. I also believe every single person in the world has been uniquely gifted by God. Each one of us has particular gifts, strengths, and abilities that are intended to make the world a better place, and that’s how God designed it. So, I love focusing on, highlighting, and celebrating other people’s strengths. Let me encourage you!  You may not see it right now, but there is SO MUCH to celebrate in you (because ultimately it came from Him).

You matter. Your life matters.

You can — and do! — make a huge difference in the world around you.

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