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Wave hello to a new YOU!

Dermawav offers specialized services to men, with a focus on the prevention and treatment of age-related health issues.

We provide state-of-the-art technology to help men control and enhance their overall vitality, improving their sexual function.

Our mission is to empower men to take control of their health and well-being and to enhance their physical and emotional vitality through personalized, comprehensive health services.

What is Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Better known as Low-Intensity Shockwave Therapy (LIST) has been used for years as a multi-disciplinary device used in Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy, Urology, and Veterinary medicine. Its main assets are fast pain relief and mobility restoration.

How does Acoustic Wave Therapy work?

It delivers acoustic pulse waves that pulsate through the tissue, unblocking blood vessels, and improving blood flow by dissolving plaque. The energy promotes regeneration and reparative processes in the bones, tendons, and other soft tissue, accelerates tissue repair and cell growth, analgesia, and mobility restoration.

Will Shockwave Therapy help me?

Most patients with chronic pain problems have been through various unsuccessful types of treatments. Up to 80% of the same patients worldwide report that Shockwave therapy has helped them eliminate their problems.


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Our facility is one of the best multifunctioning private facilities in the Bay Area.

We cater to every individual case, and we understand some treatment options are approached by a “one size fits all” solution. That is not the case with DermaWav, we create personalized treatment options per patient.

Our staff here at DermaWav is composed of experienced medical technicians with a combined experience of over 4 years in treating patients with Acoustic Wave Therapy.

With our experienced technicians, we strive to bring patient care our utmost priority, and with our leading-edge technology experience, it comes naturally to our staff.


San Jose Earthquakes: California Clásico

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Witness The 101ST California Clásico

On June 29th, we celebrate 50 years in front of 50,000 fans at Stanford Stadium and shout out the legends as the league’s chippiest, rowdiest rivalry hits a milestone, Earthquakes vs. Galaxy, in the 101st California Clasico.

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San Jose Earthquakes


Los Angeles Galaxy


The league’s best and chippiest rivalry returns for the 101st edition as we take on the LA Galaxy at the site of some of the most legendary Earthquakes.

We’re taking advantage of this stage to invite 50,000 fans to witness a reunion and celebration of 50 of the best Quakes players in our history!

It wouldn’t be a Stanford California Clasico without honoring those who served, and the Bay’s best fireworks show to follow.

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Bison Junk Removal

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Expert Junk Removal, Cleanouts, and Trash Services In San Jose and the Bay Area


Reliable, Eco-Friendly Junk Solutions


We are a local, family-owned company that strives for complete customer satisfaction in hauling away your unwanted items.


Your junk removal team arrives on time and works quickly to make the junk disappear while you sit back and relax.

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We come to you!! We take care of the heavy lifting and responsibly remove, recycle, and dispose of your unwanted junk.

About Bison Junk Removal

Leading the Herd in Junk Removal

Founded in 2023 by Eric Gach,  AJ Wilson, and Robert Murillo, Bison Junk Removal is more than just a junk removal company. We are a team committed to positively impacting our community and the environment.

With a motto of “Serve Your Herd,” we strive to provide top-notch services while fostering a culture of sustainability and respect for our beautiful Bay Area.

At Bison Junk, we take pride in customer service and bring a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘customer satisfaction’! Our team prioritizes unparalleled customer service, going above and beyond to exceed expectations for our one-of-a-kind clients.

We actively seek opportunities to serve the herd and give back through donating, recycling, and supporting local businesses and community events.

When you book with us, remember that you are getting a committed, resilient team that is dedicated to delivering excellent service and making our community better.

Ready to reclaim your space and experience the Bison Junk difference? Don’t wait any longer!

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Joy Drive for Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley

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The Boys and Girls Clubs play a vital role in shaping the lives of children and youth by providing support and opportunities for them.

Join us for the Joy Drive supporting the Boys and Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley!

Gift JOY this season!
December 7, 2023
4 – 6 p.m.

Three locations:
Levin Club
4955 Edenview Dr.
San Jose, CA 95111

Alviso Club
5040 N. First St.
San Jose, CA 95002

Morgan Hill Club
17666 Crest Ave
Morgan Hill, CA 95037

In this episode, we hear inspiring stories of the enormous impacts made by the Boys and Girls Clubs. You’ll hear from Adam Hernandez, Isaac Romero, Helen Sustarich, and Franco Finn.

The Boys and Girls Clubs offer our youth so much:

Safe Haven: Under the guidance of caring adults, these clubs offer a safe and supportive environment where kids can learn, play, and grow, serving as a sanctuary away from potential risks or negative influences in their neighborhoods.

Educational Support: Boys and Girls Clubs offer educational programs that supplement what kids learn in school. They provide homework help, tutoring, and diverse learning experiences contributing to academic success.

Mentorship: Through positive role models and mentors, these clubs foster personal development, self-esteem, and confidence. Mentors provide guidance and inspire children to reach their full potential.

Health and Wellness: They promote healthy lifestyles through fitness activities, nutrition education, and access to sports programs. These clubs instill the importance of physical and mental well-being.

Community Engagement: Boys and Girls Clubs offer opportunities for volunteerism, community service, and leadership development. They teach the value of giving back and actively creating positive change.

Opportunity Equalizer: These clubs can act as an equalizer, offering opportunities and resources that may not be easily accessible to all children. Irrespective of their background or economic status, kids have access to resources that help bridge gaps and level the playing field.

Life Skills Development: Children are taught crucial life skills, such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and decision-making, to prepare them for success in their future endeavors.

Boys and Girls Clubs are critical in shaping well-rounded, resilient individuals with the tools and support to navigate life’s challenges and pursue their dreams.

Visit their site to see how else you can spread joy this season: