Coy Bowles

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In This Episode:

  • The Process of Writing a Children’s Books
  • What It Takes To Make It In The Music Industry
  • How Coy Combats Music Anxiety
  • What Coy’s Dad Said To Him When He Was Thinking Of Quitting the Zac Brown Band
  • How Coy Approaches Songwriting 
  • What Coy Learned From His Wife and Why He Doesn’t Want To Be Right When They Argue
  • How Teaching and the Education System Could Be Better


“She made me cold call all these musicians and ask them how they made a living, which I don’t know if you’ve had to do anything like that, but it’s like the most uncool thing to do in your whole life.” – Coy Bowles

“You can do this. If you wanna do it if you put every ounce of energy in your heart and soul and your brain and you do everything you can, something will happen, I guarantee it. It might not be fame and fortune, but it’ll be a lot more than you ever thought was gonna happen in the first place.” – Coy Bowles

“I don’t really get anxiety about music, because I love it so much unless I’m going into a situation unprepared, so that’s why I work overtime.” – Coy Bowles

“I’m gonna die of stress before I die of getting sick.” – Coy Bowles

“I can’t believe I have two kids and I get to wake up to them every morning and they like me.” – Coy Bowles

“I feel like teaching is an important part of the human experience.” – Coy Bowles

Guest’s Bio:

Guitarist, Songwriter, Keys for 3x Grammy award-winning Zac Brown Band. Children’s book author. His new children’s album “Music for Tiny Humans” is out now!!!

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Steve Wymer

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In This Episode:

  • What It’s Like Growing Up In a Logging Town
  • Why Diversity of Opinion is Important Especially with Social and Media Outlets
  • Chasing Excellence Without Being Exclusive and Self-Centered
  • How Having a Child With Down Syndrome Changed Steve’s Perspective
  • Why So Many People Have Disinformation and Why It’s So Easy To Not Be Informed Nowadays
  • The Reality of Major Issues and Why So Many Are Never Ending


“I’d never been on an airplane, I’d never had a friend in my life who was a person of color or from a traditionally marginalized background. Man, I just had such a narrow aperture for the world.” – Steve Wymer

“I once got pulled over by a police officer and he said, ‘If I ever catch you doing that again, I’m gonna tell your mother and she is going to whoop you.” – Steve Wymer

“It’s not as simple as ‘everybody has the same opportunity.’ They don’t, not everybody is starting on the same starting line.” – Steve Wymer

“Who shapes public sentiment and how much is public sentiment truly reflective of the public?” – Steve Wymer

“The most hurtful thing ever is to be misunderstood and I feel like I’ve misunderstood at different points in my life and it drives me and motivates me big time.” – Steve Wymer

“The reason that people have disinformation is because it’s easy and it’s accessible.” – Steve Wymer

“There are tons of policy items that we could bring up and bring a solution out to that almost everybody would agree with.” – Steve Wymer

Guest’s Bio:

Steve Wymer, the President, and CEO of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley is a purpose-driven leader who spent nearly two decades serving in a variety of government and technology leadership positions prior to his current work in the non-profit sector.

Passionate about connecting others and working to help solve complex problems. Throughout his career in Washington, DC, and Silicon Valley, Steve has served as a senior advisor to three U.S. Senators, was elected by colleagues to a term as President of the bipartisan U.S. Senate Press Secretaries Association in 2010, and went on to spend nearly a decade as an executive at venture-backed and public technology companies.

Steve continues to be active in a variety of alumni services roles at Washington State University where he served an unprecedented three terms as student body president as an undergraduate. For the last seven years, Steve has chaired the Finance Committee as part of his role as a member of the board of directors of Team San Jose, the entity that manages the San Jose convention center, downtown theaters, and the city’s visitors’ bureau.

Steve and his wife Michele are the proud parents of four small children and are active in their church, youth activities, and the Special Olympics of Northern California and Nevada.

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