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Sharon Koifman

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In This Episode:

  • How To Say Sharon Koifman and the Annoyance of When People Struggle To Pronounce It
  • The Changes the Pandemic Made in Montreal
  • The Importance of Work Life Balance, The Research Behind Working Remotely, and How It Can and Won’t Work Well
  • How To Prevent Burn Out
  • Working Remote As a Parent


“Remote work is the ultimate equalizer.” – Sharon Koifman

“I like being a stay-at-home-dad and not feel that stay-at-home-dad feeling.” – Sharon Koifman

“The biggest damage to productivity is burnout and depression, not people not wanting to work.” – Sharon Koifman 

“The world has changed with COVID, it is a frustrating reality.” – Sharon Koifman 

“We have much more weed than you do and we do things fast anyways.” – Sharon Koifman

Guest’s Bio:

Sharon Koifman is obsessed with remote management.

He has over two decades of experience running three companies 100% from his computer. During this time, he learned how to create an amazing work culture, one where people love to come to work. These days he runs DistantJob, a very unique recruitment agency geared specifically for finding full-time remote employees who work from all over the world.

He wrote “Surviving Remote Work” in the wake of the COVID crisis in order to help businesses not only survive but actually thrive in this new environment.

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Buy the book here on Amazon.

Dr. Susan Landers

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In This Episode:

  • SCC Football
  • Sexismn and When Dr. Susan Landers Realized That She Could Have a Career In Medicine
  • Parenting When Both You and Your Spouse Work
  • Being An Older Parent
  • What a Neonatologist Is 
  • The Scary Thing That Took Place After the Birth of Gary’s Son and the Miracle That Happened
  • Postpartum Depression and How Dr. Susan Landers Dealt With Burn Out
  • Dr. Susan Landers’s Book “So Many Babies”


“She said, ‘You can do whatever you want to do, this is the 70s, do whatever you want.” – Dr. Susan Landers

“She was telling people to go into stereotypical fields.” – Dr. Susan Landers

“He didn’t want kids, I had to talk him into it.” – Dr. Susan Landers 

“Any baby that’s not a normal healthy newborn after delivery goes to the neonatal intensive care unit and that’s what I did for a living.” – Dr. Susan Landers

“I had a really difficult time being a mom, being confident in being a mom, because I was struggling.” – Dr. Susan Landers

Guest’s Bio:

Dr. Landers graduated from Auburn University, in Auburn, Alabama, with BS degrees in Biology and Chemistry. At Auburn, she was elected to Mortar Board, the National Women’s Honorary. In 1977, she received her MD degree from the Medical University of South Carolina, in Charleston, South Carolina. There she was a member of Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA), the National Medical Honorary. After graduation from medical school, she completed a pediatrics residency at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School hospitals in Dallas, Texas, in 1980. She completed her neonatology fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine hospitals, in Houston, Texas, in 1983.

Dr. Landers practiced academic neonatology for fourteen years and served on the faculty of two medical schools – Baylor College of Medicine, in Houston, and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, in Little Rock. In this role, she conducted clinical research, published twenty-three peer-reviewed papers, and taught medical students, residents, and fellows. While caring for patients in private practice, she served as a speaker for the Texas Department of State Health Services from 1997 to 1998. She was Medical Director of the Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin, from 2000 to 2004, and served on the milk bank’s board of directors from 2006 to 2009.

Even though she practiced full-time, Dr. Landers continued to publish papers and work for the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). She was an expert in breastfeeding medicine and became a Fellow of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (FABM) in 2002. She served as a physician educator at AAP and ABM national meetings for a decade. She served on the Executive Committee of the Section on Breastfeeding in the AAP from 2008 until 2014. In that capacity, she contributed to AAP policy statements and clinical guidelines and wrote four more peer-reviewed publications and a book chapter. In 2008, she was recognized by Pediatrix Medical Group with a national award for “Outstanding Accomplishments in Quality Improvement.”

Together with her husband, Dr. Phillip Berry, she raised three children, one son, and two daughters, each to young adulthood. David, thirty-six, is a cinematographer, living and working in Los Angeles, CA; he is married to Alissa. Anne, thirty-four, is a pediatric intensive care unit nurse at Dell Children’s Medical Center, in Austin, TX; she is married to Joe. Laura, thirty, lives and works in Austin, TX.

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Dr. Ellen Snee

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In This Episode:

  • The Biggest Thing She Learned From Being a Nun for Eighteen Years and Why She Stopped
  • Why Women Don’t Have To Act Like Men To Lead
  • How To Trust Your Inner Voice, A Good Way To Go About Making Big Decisions
  • The Difference Between Coaches and Therapists
  • How Employee Reviews Should Be Approached and the Best Way To Terminate An Employee
  • Post Pandemic Workplace Predictions and the Need For Childcare For Employees In the Workplace
  • Dr. Snee Discusses Her Book “Lead” and How To Harness Your Personal Power


“I have tried to change the world, one woman, at a time.” – Dr. Ellen Snee

“I had the opportunity to see that there wasn’t one style of leadership for women, that every kind of woman could be a leader.” – Dr. Ellen Snee

“Most therapists kind of sit and listen and I knew I couldn’t do that, I wanna get in there and solve problems.” – Dr. Ellen Snee

“Listening is a real skill and not everyone has that skill.” – Dr. Ellen Snee

“Well, I’m actually very anxious about how the changes post-pandemic are going to impact women.” – Dr. Ellen Snee

“I also worry that childcare responsibilities will fall on women if child care opportunities do not open up.” – Dr. Ellen Snee

“We have a power that we can name and claim or we can let voices in our head rob us of it or we can let other people rob us of it if we’re not careful.” – Dr. Ellen Snee

Guest’s Bio:

Ellen Snee has been at the forefront of women’s leadership for more than 25 years. Dr. Snee brings strategy, research, and executive experience to global companies and their top female talent. Her original research at Harvard University on women’s experience in roles of authority formed the foundation of her consulting and coaching work with Fortune 500 companies such as Cisco, Goodyear, Marriott, Pfizer, and Schwab.

Later, as the Global VP of Leadership Development at VMware, she launched the company’s groundbreaking business initiative, VMwomen, designed to attract, develop, advance, and retain talented women. Her new book Lead: How Women in Charge Claim Their Authority makes her wisdom and experience accessible to all women seeking to accelerate their careers. Dr. Snee lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where she continues to coach and advise women leaders and executives worldwide and frequently speaks to companies and conferences.

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Tony Grebmeier

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In This Episode:

  • How Tony Got Into Radio
  • Being The Change You Wish To See In The World and Learning To Say Yes
  • The Story of When Tony Got Locked Out Of The Studio Because He Had To Go To The Bathroom
  • Drugs, Alcohol Abuse, and Attempted Suicide
  • What Tony Got To Do Right Before His Dad Died
  • What The Hard Seventy Five Is


“My buddy knocked on the door and saved my life, I attempted suicide on October 9th of 2008.” – Tony Grebmeier

“Love is a decision, you’ve gotta make it every single day.” – Tony Grebmeier 

“Life is all about creating experiences for people and  most of us get the nosebleeds, but you deserve the front row.” – Tony Grebmeier

“Kids are stuck on TikTok, Snapchat, and whatever, wasting their life watching other people live their lives and not living to their best ability.”  – Tony Grebmeier

“I got really addicted to drugs and alcohol and that basically almost  took me out, it took me to the lowest point in my life.” – Tony Grebmeier

Guest’s Bio:

My life at times feels like an old country song.

I’m a former radio personality living out my dreams.

I founded ShipOffers in my garage back in 2001. We provide health and wellness products and fulfillment services to direct response, ecom, and marketers worldwide. If you have questions or want to jump on a call 📞 , schedule something at connect with tony (dot) com happy to give a free product or fulfillment audit. 

My wife Amber and I recently became empty-nesters, purchased a 35-acres ranch out in Colorado. I hope my wife finds my tractor sexy. We are the proud parents of Owen, 20, a junior at CU Boulder, and Ethan, 22, who graduated a moved to Seattle.

A few things about me: 

God, sobriety, and family first.

I would rather have coffee with you than chat on the phone.

I believe relationships are the most valuable currency.

Don’t be a douchebag and follow through on your word or clean up your miss.

I’m always open to learning. 

Being of service brings me a lot of joy.

I’m always looking for guests with exciting stories to share on my podcast—the Real Stories Behind Success.

Finally, nobody has any of this figured out, and we all have a higher success rate of achieving our dreams if we collaborate.

So hit me up, and let’s go 🚀 

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