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Jason Michael Carroll

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This week, Gary spoke with Country Music Artist Jason Michael Carroll, and was it raw! Jason spoke about having an abusive upbringing and the time he thought he had killed his dad.
Also in this episode:

  • The future of radio
  • Living in a small town
  • Being a PK (pastor’s kid)
  • Having an abusive father who was a pastor and how that affected his faith
  • Getting migraines while trying to write songs
  • How the Marine Corps was easier than his upbringing
  • Breaking the cycle of abuse
  • Having a male-hating mom
  • Thinking kids would fix a marriage
  • Reconnecting with his high school sweetheart
  • His mom taking his ex’s side during a messy divorce
  • Being angry with God
  • Writing Easter plays
  • Why he got passed up to host TV shows
  • Not being reactionary


“My father quit smoking and drinking cold turkey, but couldn’t quit his anger.” ~Jason Michael Carroll

“She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” ~Jason Michael Carroll

“I’m trying to be the best me.” ~Jason Michael Carroll

“Be still & know.” ~Jason Michael Carroll


Country music hit-maker Jason Michael Carroll from Youngsville, North Carolina, is gearing up to release his first new album since 2011, featuring the single “Close Enough.” He’ll be hitting the road in 2016 on a cross-country tour and overseas to perform for the military.

Carroll rose to fame after being discovered at a local talent competition in 2004 and later signed to the Arista Nashville label in 2006, releasing his debut album Waitin’ In The Country. The album produced three Top 40 hits including “Alyssa Lies,” “Livin’ Our Love Song,” and “I Can Sleep When I’m Dead” and soared to number one on the US Country charts, selling nearly half a million copies. Both of Carroll’s following albums, Growing Up Is Getting Old and Numbers have charted on the Billboard Top 200.

He has opened for Brooks & Dunn, Trace Adkins, and Alan Jackson, and was a featured part of Carrie Underwood and Martina McBride’s 2008 tour. He also performed on Good Morning America, thrilled the crowds at the CMA Music Festival, and graced the Grand Ole Opry stage on multiple occasions.

Jason Michael Carroll is a consummate songwriter and continues to write and release new material. Carroll remains humble and optimistic about the future, stating, “I don’t take for granted what I’m doing, and I thank God and my fans every day I have the chance to keep doing it.”

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Thompson Square

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Shawna and Keifer Thompson of country duo Thompson Square join Gary Scott Thomas this week and let me tell you. This is a juicy conversation!

In this episode:

  • Why they moved so far out of Nashville
  • Their song “Are You Going to Kiss Me or Not?”
  • Their new song “Country in My Soul”
  • The peaks and valleys of being an artist
  • The odds of “making it”
  • Losing family & friends along their journey to the top
  • Their new team
  • Parenting in the music industry
  • Parents’ responsibilities to teach equality
  • Racism in America
  • How to judge someone
  • Defining what success looks like to them
  • Why they’ll never play 270 shows in a year again
  • The root of Country Music
  • The problem with appealing to the masses
  • The evolution of award shows
  • Why a show got canceled
  • Championing people who show value
  • Comedy and Country
  • Being divided as a country

I told you it was a juicy one! Dive in!


“I don’t feel famous.” ~Shawna Thompson

“We don’t feel like we exude the ‘famosity.'” ~Keifer Thompson

“You always feel like you’re clawing and scratching.” ~Keifer Thompson

“The crazy ride continues.” ~Shawna Thompson

“In the eyes of God, we’re all equal.” ~Keifer Thompson

“Anytime you force something, it’s not real.” ~Keifer Thompson

“People seem to be more open now.” ~Keifer Thompson

“There are some great artists you’re never going to hear, just because that’s the nature of the industry.” ~Keifer Thompson

“We have to continue to check ourselves and say, ‘I’m not better than anyone.'” ~Keifer Thompson

“I hate social media for all the hate it spreads.” ~Keifer Thompson

“He’ll pull a Will Smith real quick.” ~Shawna Thompson


Thompson Square is an American country music duo composed of husband and wife Keifer and Shawna Thompson, both of whom alternate as vocalists. They’ve won awards such as the Academy of Country Music Award for Duo of the Year and the Country Music Association Award for Vocal Duo of the Year. Their new single is “Country in My Soul.”

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Shai Berry

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**Trigger warning: Suicide discussed**
This episode is definitely one every musician needs to hear. Talent manager Shai Berry offers sage advice about the music business and talks about the importance of paying attention to mental health.

Key Takeaways From Episode:

  • The power of music
  • How music saved her
  • Red flags when looking for representation
  • What led to her son’s suicide
  • Survivor’s guilt
  • How parents can help support their children’s mental health
  • The Texas music scene
  • Being honest with artists
  • Getting resources for artists


“Musician, you have been given the most powerful tool on earth.” – Shai Berry 

“Music is a thing that brings us all together.” – Shai Berry 

“Music is my therapist.” – Shai Berry 

“[Parents] We need to let some of the little things go so they’ll feel comfortable coming to us with the big things.” – Shai Berry 

“Texas Country is just a way of life here.” – Shai Berry 

“Figure out what your gift is and go give it.” – Shai Berry 

“Every ear matters.” – Shai Berry 


Agent/Manager/Promoter at Zak Webb Music, Talent Agent/Promoter at Rising Star Entertainment Network, Music Agent at 7th Planet Entertainment Group

Guest’s Contact Info:

Instagram @shaiberry.tx

Facebook: @ShaiBerry

Dave Wooten

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After many requests, Gary Scott Thomas’ former co-host Dave Wooten joins Gary for an unscripted conversation about music, life, and careers.

In this episode:

  • Life in Montana
  • Evolution of Country Music
  • Being Yourself
  • Funny Bits That Piss Off People
  • Writing 5 Books
  • Kids in Sports
  • His Favorite Authors
  • Not Having to Talk in Soundbites
  • Life During COVID & How it Was Different for Him
  • Mr. Beast
  • How Something “Bad” Can Happen & Yet it Ends Up Being the Best
  • Parenting


“That’s what I love about Country Music. It’s new and it’s old.” ~Dave Wooten

“There aren’t many jobs where people say, ‘Hey, I love what you do!'” ~Dave Wooten

“You gotta be yourself.” ~Dave Wooten

“To be able to put sentences together is a big deal.” ~Dave Wooten

“It’s more to have written than to write.” ~Dave Wooten

“[until the pandemic] I didn’t realize how many people were so into power.” ~Dave Wooten

“I knew I was supposed to be his dad. It felt right.” ~Dave Wooten

“I get the full spectrum of emotions every day and that’s living life.” ~Dave Wooten

Guest’s Bio:

Morning Show Host on Montana’s Real Country, KSKY 106.9

Voted Bozeman’s Favorite Morning Show in 2022

Morning radio show host for twenty-plus years.

Worked with Gary Scott Thomas at KRTY from 1998-to 1999

Author of “Crazy Horse: Where My Dead Lie Buried”

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