Tyler Rich

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Country artist Tyler Rich has such an incredible connection with his fans, and you’ll see why in this episode. Enjoy moments of laughter and meaning as Tyler expands on the work it took to become a world-famous songwriter and country artist.

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In this episode:

  • Pumpkin Pie, Salmon, and Quail Eggs; A Critique
  • Radio Tour and the challenging yet rewarding experience it is
  • What’s more intimidating? 15, 50, or 500-Person Audience
  • Tyler’s childhood introductions to live music
  • The many influences that shape Tyler’s music
  • From a hometown in LA to touring in Nashville, Tennessee
  • A dream, a business card, and a lie
  • 6 Hour French Lesson produces a Top 10 Hit

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“It’s one of the coolest, stressful, inner growth-creating, expanding, artistic experiences I’d ever been through. Every person in every station and every listener, every person that comes in, is so different. And you’re not just playing for yourself on the air.” – Tyler Rich

 “I do miss Radio Tour a lot because I’ve made so many cool friends in radio along the way. And it’s fun! You sit there and try to figure people out. Try to figure out, ‘What version of my story is this person gonna connect to the most? What version of my story does this person want to hear?’” – Tyler Rich

“It’s so funny because I feel like- say if Luke Combs called me up, ‘Hey dude, you wanna do a stadium date?’ I don’t think there would be an ounce of nerve like, ‘Oh, there’s gonna be 80,000 people!’ It would just be, ‘Look at us go!’ Because when you’re looking out, it’s crazy, and there are so many lights, there are so many people, but you’re still only looking at 15-50 people at a time.” – Tyler Rich

“The only thing my dad listened to growing up was Rock. The only thing my grandma listened to was Classical. You know, I listen to Classical on planes and listen to Classical at the house. Still to this day, it calms me because of that, and I love that all of my influences show up in my music and our show because I think that’s how it’s meant to be.” – Tyler Rich

“And I was like, ‘Why would I wanna take meetings with anybody else?’ I was like, ‘We found somebody that’s passionate.’ And somebody might be like, ‘Oh, I love you too! I’ll give you more money,’ or something. But the initial passion, the initial like, ‘I want you when nobody else cares’’ is what really drove me to Dustin and my manager Neil, who I’m still with.” – Tyler Rich

“I was like, ‘I’d love to see your hands if you got one of my cards when I lied to you and said I’d be playing at Stage Coach next year, get my free download- years ago.’ And not only did probably like 400 or 500 people hold up their hands, but at least 50 to 100 held up the card.” – Tyler Rich

Guest’s Bio:

Northern California-raised, Nashville-rooted Tyler Rich found his love of music gathered around a Christmas tree alongside family singing holiday classics and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Fast forward to graduating college with a degree in Economics, Tyler moved to LA to pursue a different game of numbers–music–exploring various genres with songwriting and bands before taking the leap as a solo artist. Since, he has been named a 2018 CMT Listen Up artist, 2019 Pandora Artist, and Rolling Stone touted him as “the newest member of country music’s radio-minded incoming class, with a homecoming king’s swagger and a valedictorian’s songwriting smarts. ”Amassing over 394.4M+ total global streams with his debut album TWO THOUSAND MILES (The Valory Music Co.), featuring GOLD-certified “The Difference,” plus subsequent releases “Better Than You’re Used To” and The Cadillac Three’s Jaren Johnston-produced “A Little Bit of You.” With “Thinkin’ We’re In Love,” an English and French duet with one of Canada’s most successful bilingual singer-songwriters, Marie-Mai, Tyler has announced a headline tour of the same name. Tickets are on sale now for his headline THINKIN’ WE’RE IN LOVE TOUR. His music embodies the feelings all people have in common –the need for acceptance, devotion, and a place to call their own–and that empathetic spirit extends to animals too. With Rich Rescues, Tyler visits local shelters while out on the road to raise awareness for pet adoption.

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Brett James

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It’s always a pleasure to sit across from a friend and chat about your favorite music, let alone a Grammy Award-winning songwriter. Walk down memory lane with Brett James as he shares stories from his past and brings appreciation to the icons of the music industry who have paved the way for future singers and songwriters.

In this episode:

  • Thoughts on the CMA’s
  • Med school drop-out twice!
  • The difficulties of writing a hit song
  • The benefits and challenges of co-writing
  • Co-writing with Don Schlitz & other favorite artists
  • The impact of Garth Brooks on the country music industry
  • Which artists belong on the “Mount Rushmore” of the music industry?

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“I tell artists, you get to control about 30% of your career, and the rest is up to God.”- Brett James

“I’ve had 500 songs recorded, but the batting average is, if I’ve literally written over 4,000 songs, so it’s one in eight that even makes it to anywhere. If you do the math on 3,500 songs, and if you say that’s a song a day, not to mention the day required to record all those songs. I am talking about 15 years of my career, 365 days which meant I hadn’t made a penny. You know, that’s a real thing. You start adding up all the misses, and it gets pretty hard.” – Brett James

“There’s a whole lot of hit songs sitting on shelves in Nashville that if someone would take the time to dig through and find those diamonds, you could make a pretty good career out of it.” – Brett James

“There’s an insecurity to writing by yourself too, that, for me, forces me to be quite a bit harder on it than sometimes with a co-writer. Sometimes you need the other writers in the room to go, ‘Hey, that’s really good! Just leave that alone. You don’t need to screw that up.’ That’s kind of the beauty of co-writing, you know? You’ve got a second pair of ears and another opinion you trust.” – Brett James

“I told Garth this myself. I said, ‘Listen. You know the most important thing you did is that you’re now going on to your third generation of singers that you taught how to do this business and survive.’” – Gary Scott Thomas

“I walked up to him, and said, ‘Waylon, I am just so damn excited to meet you! This’ll be one of those moments I’ll take with me forever!’ He looks at me, and he goes, ‘Well, partner, I’m glad to hear that ‘cause one of us should!’” – Gary Scott Thomas

“Well, he’s Garth for a reason. You don’t get to be Garth by accident. He’s a special human, and superstars of that caliber are just, you know, intergenerational, and he’s just that guy.” – Brett James

“It’s hard to describe what those guys mean to music. You can’t put it into words, and we can always use more. That’s for sure.” – Brett James

Guest’s Bio:

For over a decade, Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer Brett James has been one of the most prolific and versatile songwriters in Nashville, having had more than three hundred of his songs recorded by major label recording artists. James has become a fixture on the Billboard Country chart with thirteen #1 songs and scores of top 20 singles to his credit.

In 2009, Brett achieved the Music Row “Triple Play,” an award for three #1 songs in a single chart year, not once, but twice! These six #1‘s; ‘It’s America,’ by Rodney Atkins, ‘Out Last Night,’ by Kenny Chesney, ‘Cowboy Cassanova,’ by Carrie Underwood, ‘Summer Nights,’ by Rascal Flatts, ‘The Truth’ by Jason Aldean, and ‘The Man I Want To Be’ Chris Young earned James ASCAP Songwriter of the Year for the second time in October 2010.

A native of Oklahoma City, Brett attended Baylor University, where he completed two years of medical school before moving to Nashville to pursue his dream of becoming a country star. In 1995, Brett James was signed to the Arista subsidiary Career Records and subsequently released his self-titled debut album. Career Records was later dissolved in consolidation, and with it, James’s recording artist aspirations. Brett persevered as a writer at Patrick Joseph Publishing which fostered the relationships that destined him for success.

In the year 2000, James received his first major album cut with the song ‘Love Is A Sweet Thing,’ recorded by Faith Hill, followed by a top 20 single ‘You Won’t Be Lonely Now,’ with Billy Ray Cyrus. It wasn’t long before Brett reached the benchmark that all songwriters and artists alike strive for, the coveted #1 song. In April of 2001, then-break-out artist Jessica Andrews landed James his first #1 with the song ‘Who I Am.’ He returned to the top of the chart in 2002, this time with country superstar Martina McBride and the song ‘Blessed.’

As his chart success continued, Brett appeared on Billboard Magazine’s top-ten country songwriters list for five consecutive years, the only writer to do so, and in 2006 reached yet another musical milestone winning ASCAP Songwriter of the Year. In 2007, Brett received the music industry’s highest honor winning the Grammy Award for Best Country Song ‘Jesus Take The Wheel,’ recorded by Carrie Underwood.

The list of artists that have recorded songs penned by Brett James resembles a who’s who in the country music list but also straddles genre lines into American and world pop music. Some notable pop artists to record James’ songs include Kelly Clarkson, Jon Bon Jovi, Daughtry, The Backstreet Boys, Chicago, and Leona Lewis. Brett has also scored #1 songs in Europe and a worldwide top 5 Latin hit with the song ‘Todo Mi Amor’ recorded by Paulina Rubio. Outside the writer’s room, Brett’s talents have earned production credits that include Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, Josh Gracin, and MCA recording artist Kip Moore whose single “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck” was a breakthrough smash in 2012!

Brett has toured with the CMA Songwriters series since 2010 sharing the stage with some of country music’s biggest stars; Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood, Chris Young, Martina McBride, and many more! James currently has four Top 20 songs climbing the Country charts with Dierks Bentley, Brantley Gilbert, Thompson Square, and Danielle Bradbery.

Whitney Miller

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In this vulnerable and enlightening conversation, Whitney Miller reveals that she’s just as scared as the rest of us – but she doesn’t let that stop her. From being crowned Miss United States to a country music career, Whitney Miller shares her secrets on never letting fear get in the way of your dreams.

In this episode:

  • From evening gloves to boxing gloves – next steps after passing on the crown
  • Whitney Miller’s biggest fear
  • The surprising way Whitney started singing (that’s different from most artists!)
  • What is a walking coach?
  • A behind-the-scenes look at Whitney Miller’s singer/songwriter career
  • Turning emotions into art
  • Miss United State’s best advice on how to face your fears

Watch the video version here:


“I just realized you have this one life to live, and you have to go for it. I’m not about to live another day keeping myself living in this fear.” – Whitney Miller

“I was scared to get in the ring with somebody for sure. I was scared to get on stage, you know, in my bikini or my evening gown, or answer some random question in front of a crowd of thousands, you know? All of these things really put me in a place to push myself outside of my comfort zone, but I always knew deep down that there was one fear and one thing that I always wanted to do, and that was sing.” – Whitney Miller

“I wasn’t fully living. I wasn’t doing me, Whitney, myself. I’m not doing that anymore. Absolutely not. I’m not going back to that little girl who believed that she shouldn’t be up there, that her voice wasn’t good enough, or that she didn’t have the, whatever it was to get up there anymore.” – Whitney Miller

“When it was the final shot, and he said, ‘All right, cut.’ It just hit me that I’m here doing it. I’m living the dream that I prevented myself from doing my entire life, and it’s all coming together in this one moment.” – Whitney Miller

“People are thinking this. People go through that. Why do we shy away from so many of these emotions or thoughts and feelings? We shy away and say, ‘Oh no, we can’t think about that, or that’s not good.’ Maybe acting out on it isn’t good, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t put it into art.” – Whitney Miller

“So this is going to be a very big peek into who I am and into my heart. Hopefully, it gives other people permission to feel okay when they feel something similar.” – Whitney Miller

“I try to really anchor into how it makes me feel. Are the lyrics authentic to who I am? Would I really say that? Would I really want to sing that way? Would I really feel that way? If not, I’m not putting the lyric in there…I just want it to really encompass who I am. And so when I say, ‘You get a sense of my heart in this,’ you really do, because I’m stripping it away to make sure it feels authentic.” – Whitney Miller

Guest’s Bio:

Former professional athlete, Miss United States 2012, kickboxing commentator, and podcaster Whitney is a Texas-born country rock pop singer-songwriter living in Nashville, TN. Whitney’s roots and deep love to write and perform original country music dates back to being a little girl in South Texas, growing up listening to acts like Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Bonnie Rhiatt, and Johnny Cash from her parents’ record collection. Today, her sound is influenced by those early days and early Miranda Lambert and Gretchen Wilson. 

Whitney strongly encourages self-empowerment and a fearless take on life. Hearing no is only an opportunity to find a yes. Her overall mission in life is to inspire others to live life out loud! Before her move into her passion for creating music, Whitney specialized in unique relationship and life design. She knows how freeing it is to live life on your own terms, with less fear, and she directly supported hundreds of people, from professional and Olympic athletes and CEOs to stay-at-home parents, as they step into their truth and unleash the life they truly desire.   

She joined forces with some of the leading scientists and researchers in the field and co-hosted an extremely popular podcast that debuted at #50 on the overall iTunes charts and now has over 1.5 million downloads. 

In true “go for it” Whitney fashion, she has decided to take her biggest leap of faith yet and left her home state of Texas for Nashville, Tennessee, to chase her lifelong dream as a singer-songwriter. Her vast life experience and comfort in the spotlight allow her to not only create feeling through her lyrics and voice but also to inspire her audience. Whitney is currently finishing her debut album, recorded at Orb Recording studios with an all-star cast of guest musicians to be released in 2022. Expect a fun, country rock album filled with vulnerable, real-life stories and lots of attitude!

Guest’s Contact Info:

Nicolle Galyon

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To say Nicolle is a hit songwriter might be an understatement. She has written songs for Lady AMiranda LambertKeith UrbanKenny ChesneyDan + ShayFlorida Georgia Line, and many others. Galyon has written nine No. 1 hits including “Automatic,” Miranda Lambert’s chart-topping lead single from her critically-acclaimed album Platinum, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 200 chart and featured five songs by Galyon.

In this episode:

  • Starting off as a pianist
  • Giving herself permission to make a record despite not wanting to be a performer
  • Having three #1 songs in a year
  • Looking for the next “one”
  • Where “Disneyworld” came from
  • Having a very humble beginning
  • Why she tells her kids “no”
  • How moving out of Nashville was the catalyst for First Born
  • Making songs NOT meant for radio
  • How not winning class President in high school was a gift
  • Being back in her hometown
  • How not knowing her biological father shaped some of her music


“It’s really always been about the words for me.” ~Nicolle Galyon

“My career kind of started to work about 10, 12 years ago when I started just to let go of the music and lean in more to the story ” ~Nicolle Galyon

“I have really awesome relationships with so many men in the business, and I work really well with guys. I have so many guys that I feel like we’re like brother and sister, and I’m so thankful for that.” ~Nicolle Galyon

“I definitely have a growth mentality. I challenge myself in every way possible. But there also comes a time where the best thing you can do is to just kind of, excuse my French, but give less shit.” ~Nicolle Galyon

Guest’s Bio:

(Per Wikipedia)

Originally from Sterling, Kansas, Galyon made her way to Nashville, Tennessee in 2002 to attend Belmont University for Music Business. At Belmont, Galyon discovered her passion for songwriting [1] and signed a publishing deal with Warner/Chappell Nashville shortly after graduating in 2006.[2] In 2012, Nicolle appeared on The Voice as a contestant on Adam Levine‘s team.[3] There she met RaeLynn and Miranda Lambert, two friendships that she accredits to kickstarting her songwriting career.[3] Galyon earned her first #1 song with We Were Us performed by Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert. With cowriters Miranda Lambert and Natalie Hemby, Galyon won the 2015 ACM’s ‘Song of the Year, and the 2014 CMA’s single of the year for Miranda Lambert, performing the hit song Automatic. Since then, Galyon has had songs recorded by RaeLynn on her album WildHorse, Dan + Shay on their album Obsessed, Kenny Chesney on his album Cosmic Hallelujah, Florida Georgia Line on their album Dig Your Roots, Lady Antebellum on their album Golden, and Thomas Rhett on his album Tangled Up, among others. Galyon partnered with Big Loud to launch the female-focused record label Songs & Daughters. The label was announced in July 2019 and signed Madison Kozak as its flagship artist. In 2020, Galyon expanded Songs & Daughters to include a publishing arm. In 2020, Galyon served as a producer and writer on iHeartRadio scripted podcast “Make It Up As We Go.” Nicolle Galyon currently resides in Nashville.

Galyon is heavily involved in the CMA Foundation’s music education initiative and served as an NSAI Board Member & CMT Next Women of Country mentor. Galyon has worked with Save the Music + SongFarm to put music studios in high schools throughout the country. She also provides a college scholarship to a senior at her alma mater, Sterling High School, each year through the Autobiography Scholarship.

Galyon married songwriter Rodney Clawson on October 13, 2007. They have two children together, daughter Charlie Jo Clawson born May 29, 2013, and son Ford Sterling Clawson, born April 14, 2015.

Guest’s Contact Info: