Barron Ryan

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In This Episode:

  • Why Barron Has His Own Trailer
  • What It’s Like Having Interracial Parents and a Very Musically Inclined Family
  • The Application Process For Getting Into Major Music Universities
  • Writing Songs Making Fun of What Hip Hop Artists Brag About
  • The Joy of Creating Beauty In Music Rather Than Music Of One Kind
  • Why Doing Online Performances Is a Lot More Work


“When they got married in 1975, that was not an acceptable thing for a lot of people.” – Barron Ryan

“I knew I wanted to be a performer from the get go, but being willing to put in the work to be impressive enough to be a performer took a little while.” – Barron Ryan

“I thought, ‘I’m gunna make songs that make fun of the common tropes in hip hop music. So instead of rapping about how amazing I was as a rapper, I made a song called ‘Not That Bad.” – Barron Ryan

“My philosophy is that as an artist I want to be known more for who I am than for what I do.” – Barron Ryan

“When you go into an organization and try to be accepted by that organization, whether that be a TV show or a school, you have to realize that that’s not your ultimate customer.” – Barron Ryan

Guest’s Bio:

Barron Ryan’s love for music has always been divided. The son of two musicians, he grew up in a house filled with the sounds of artists ranging from Mozart to Michael Jackson. So when it comes to his own performing, he’s not content drawing on just one influence. He combines them all into a musical adventure that’s vintage yet fresh, historical yet hip, classic yet cool.

After beginning piano lessons at age four with his father, Barron seemed destined for a career in music. He excelled in performing throughout his middle and high school years in Tulsa, OK, then continued to impress his peers and instructors as a piano performance major at The University of Oklahoma.

Everything did not come up roses, however, as Barron was then rejected from all the music conservatories you might be impressed by. Disheartened and a little annoyed, he briefly gave up on the piano in pursuit of a satirical hip-hop career. But due to a favorable result in a piano competition that sent its winner to perform in Israel, that project was graciously short-lived.

Thanks to that Israel concert tour, Barron found his artistic voice. He discovered the joy of jazz- and ragtime-inspired concert music (found on his debut album, Classical with Attitude), and learned from great jazz pianists by replaying their solos (found on his latest album, The Masters’ Apprentice).

In 2019, Barron noticed a shocking lack of funk-, pop-, and country-inspired classical music. Realizing he could fill that void, he composed the “Magic City” Sonata and a dance suite called Suite Thing. Those works are now published and recorded on his third solo record, First of Its Kind. 

Barron is following in his favorite composers’ footsteps by publishing his original works in the public domain. He offers his work as a gift to the world, and as a chance to collaborate with artists from around the globe.

What’s next? You’ll have to wait to find out, but rest assured that in all Barron Ryan’s music, Classic Meets Cool.


Instagram & Twitter: @barroncp

Grace Leer

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In This Episode:

  • The Immense Pressures of Being on American Idol and the Girl Who Fainted on Stage
  • How To Focus On Controlling What You Can Control and Not Stressing Over What You Can’t Control
  • Justin Bieber Has More Country Grammy Awards Than Eric Church, Blurring the Country Genre Lines
  • How Grace Differiencates Herself in Music and Why Writing Past the Surface Level and Getting Personal is Important for Her
  • What a Group Nashville Songwriting Session is Like and the Struggles of Learning To Write Alone
  • Pandemic Dating, the Challenge of Finding a Man Who Supports Your Career and Doesn’t Just View It As a Hobby, and an Interesting Moment Grace Had on a Date That Didn’t End Well


“Then he didn’t ask me out again, I don’t know why. I will never know why, I guess maybe it was a little too much for him.” – Grace Leer

“I cried the entire write, like not just like cried, I was bawling.” – Grace Leer

“My parents divorced when I was really little and I tried to write that song, but I still don’t feel like I’ve really written it in the right way.” – Grace Leer

“Something I’m trying to get better at is writing alone. I feel like it’s very hard for me, that’s something I’m really trying to work on.” – Grace Leer

“I remember talking to my dad and him saying, ‘Grace, if this is what you want, you better suck it up.” – Grace Leer

“If you can’t do anything about it, what’s the point of getting so stressed over it.” – Grace Leer

“I don’t think I’m one thing, which is fun, but it’s hard to show that with also the pressure of people asking ‘who are you?” – Grace Leer

Guest’s Bio:

“She literally came out here and made everyone else look like they were on a talent show.” ~Katy Perry

This reaction from Katy Perry on Grace Leer’s performance of “Natural Woman” during American Idol’s Top 40 Showcase Season 18 quickly made headlines, as it led to a head to head voting competition against another country contestant. The winner of this competition would advance that country artist to the Top 20 of American Idol.

Grace won fans over and not only sailed into the Top 20 but then onto Top 10 with live performances from her own backyard in California. Due to the COVID-19 “stay at home” order, Grace took on the challenge of performing to millions through an iPhone. Grace proved her talent, whether live or uploaded by phone, could entertain and wholly captivate her audience. This was not the first time Grace had to rise to the occasion as competition has always been part of her life. Grace earned a scholarship to play Division 1 soccer at the University of California- Berkeley where she not only was voted Captain of the team her senior year but led the Bears to numerous victories with her skills and strong work ethic. After graduating from Berkeley, Grace headed to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue her dream of becoming a country music singer. Not long after her move, she formed The Grace Leer Band and became not only the lead singer, but a booking agent, manager, songwriter, and public relations/social media manager as well. Grace collaborated with songwriter, Kyle Clouse, to create a 90’s throw-back country sound and successfully released three singles. Their music was influenced and inspired by older country music, especially 90’s female powerhouses such as Shania Twain, the Dixie Chicks, LeAnn Rimes, and Martina McBride. And it is this style of country music Grace is determined to bring back into the spotlight with her strong and colorful vocals. As the iconic Gladys Knight praised Grace with having “a richness to her voice,” she also adds to that with an undeniable stage presence. Whether on stage or through a phone, her performances are captivating and her audience is mesmerized and glued to her presence. Whatever the venue, in her backyard performing for 10 million American Idol viewers, in a bar, or in a professional sports stadium singing the National Anthem, Grace brings authenticity and genuine emotion to the songs she sings. Grace truly is a role model and inspiration to others, which can be seen by her massive “Team Grace” following on social media. She possesses a positive outlook and determination to do whatever it takes to fulfill her musical dreams. And, as Luke Bryan complimented her after a tremendous performance, saying “she checks all the boxes..” There is no doubt that Grace is well on her way to creating memorable country music and ultimately selling out stadiums and arenas around the world.


Instagram: @graceleermusic

Whitney Duncan

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In This Episode:

  • Keith Urban Sent Whitney Something While She Was In The Hospital
  • What It Was Like Doing a Duet With Kenny Rogers
  • Warning Signs and Avoiding Nashville Scammers
  • The Reality of Sacrificing Now or Sacrificing Later
  • Pacemakers, Heart Surgery, and Finding Love While on The Show “Survivor”


“I was born with a heart condition and had surgery at two years old.” – @WhitneyDuncan

“I’m all about working out, eating healthy for the most part, you know, minus my accidental face plants into Dairy Queen Blizzards on the occasion.” – @WhitneyDuncan

“My husband has a pacemaker and they passed him, he was the first-ever contestant with a pacemaker.” – @WhitneyDuncan

“So many people come to Nashville and just get hooked for their money, so we wanted to avoid that.” – @WhitneyDuncan

“I thought it was a cruel joke that they were playing on me.” – @WhitneyDuncan

“On day ten, he told me that he loved me.” – @WhitneyDuncan

Guest’s Bio:

As a young girl growing up in Scotts Hill, Tennessee, Whitney Duncan developed a passion for music early on. Her love for performing at local festivals, churches, and talent shows soon blossomed into a publishing deal with Big Picture and a record deal with Capitol Records at the tender age of 17. Finding great success in songwriting, Whitney released a duet with superstar Kenny Rogers, giving way to her career as a recording artist. Her breakout single, “When I Said I Would”, released by industry-giant Warner Brothers, was named iTunes song of the week after being widely downloaded. Since then, Whitney has racked up 20 million-plus career streams, working with accomplished producers such as Mark Bright, and current producer Michael Carter. She was recently (2018) named a part of the prestigious CMT’s Next Women. The multi-talented Duncan also found success in appearing on the 23rd season of Survivor and the 25th season of The Amazing Race. Whitney released her brand new EP, Heartbreaker, on January 8th, 2021. You can check it out here.


Instagram: @thewhitneyduncan

Twitter: @whitneyduncan

Lissa Kreisler

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In This Episode:

  • Shot In Your Arm, Not Your Butt…Lissa’s Thoughts After Getting the COVID Vaccine
  • Due to His Southern Accent, People Think Gary Isn’t as Smart
  • How Having Severe Scoliosis Developed Lissa’s Humor and Outlook on Life
  • Why Lissa Got in Trouble For Sharing About Her Daughter’s Breakup on Air
  • The Stories of Their Worst and Best Interview Guests
  • The Weirdest Places Gary and Lissa Have Been Recognized


“Say what you want about me, I’ll laugh along with you, it’s probably true.” – Lissa Kreisler

“I wore a full body brace for 3 years, went from my chin down to my hip.” – Lissa Kreisler

“I don’t know what to call her, I’d like to call her the word that starts with a b.” – Lissa Kreisler

“I think the interview was going fine until I asked him if it was true that he really hit Paris Hilton and then for some reason he did not want to talk to us anymore.” – Lissa Kreisler

“We were interviewing him and he was swimming in his pool naked while we were talking to him.” – Lissa Kreisler

“We were interviewing him live and he’s swimming in his pool naked and he asks me if I’m on the pill.” – Lissa Kreisler
“People like people to ask about them.” – Lissa Kreisler

Guest’s Bio:

She’s a local gal who has been at KLOK 1170 for 10 years. What started as an internship ended as the Ralph Jim and Lissa morning show. She spent 30 years doing mornings at KBAY and was inducted into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame in 2015.
She loves doing Community Storytelling on KCAT-15 in Los Gatos!
She’s a full-time grandma of 3–ages 2-6
She thinks life is wonderful…even in COVID!

Guest’s Contact Info:

Instagram Username: @Lissakreisler