Sam LaCrosse

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This energizing conversation between a baby boomer and a Gen Zer who is being unapologetically himself is going to make you think, and you’ll be excited about exploring all the things that will be bouncing in your head after this conversation.

In this episode:

  • Making a book with the word “economics” in it interesting
  • What “Value Economics” actually means
  • The issue of identity
  • Why it’s insulting to think America is so bad right now
  • The death of the spirit
  • The fallout from being laid off as an air traffic controller in 1981 and how his family held it together
  • Defining our values
  • The importance of examining the difficult things
  • What shaped him
  • DC Comics
  • Why he moved to Austin, TX from Ohio
  • Why he’s not on Twitter
  • Why he dedicated his book to those who tell the truth
  • Why he’s having a hard time dating
  • How values should supersede politics


“We don’t really have a “fatal flaw” with our generation. And so without that, we turn the war against ourselves. And we see that we really don’t have an identity as an individual person and as a culture anymore because our previous identities were all focused on something else that was flawed but still an identity. And now we’re just in this kind of sea of nothingness.” ~Sam LaCrosse

“We have to treat people as people, and individual values are the way we should look at individual people.” ~Sam LaCrosse

“We’re so scared of taking stances, we take no stances.” ~Sam LaCrosse

“The more you value something, the more you will sacrifice to get that something, the less you value something, the less you will sacrifice to get that something.” ~Sam LaCrosse

“I have a rule that I will never punch someone in the face as hard as I will punch myself in the face.” ~Sam LaCrosse

“When you do adopt a firm set of values, you’re going to polarize people, and you’re not going to, you cannot be all things to all.” ~Sam LaCrosse

Guest’s Bio:

According to Sam, Sam LaCrosse is a nobody. He hasn’t done anything amazing. He is not extraordinary or impressive. He doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry. He’s just an ordinary guy from Cleveland, Ohio, who now lives an ordinary life in Austin, Texas. But if you want to check him out, he’s the author of “Value Economics: The Study of Identity, writes blogs on, and hosts Don’t Listen to This Podcast. Sam is the CEO and founder of Don’t Do This, LLC, a company that makes no money. He is also a board member of Thrive Living Corporation and an ambassador for RallyCap Sports.

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Dr. Thomas Sheahen

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Get ready, science lovers! (and even non-science lovers) This episode is about to blow your mind. Dr. Thomas Sheahen joined Gary to talk about the relativity of time, how science always points to God, and much more!

In this episode:

  • Consciousness, the higher functions of mankind
  • Our view of time vs God’s view of time
  • The comprehension of total time
  • False gods
  • How religion and science can both be right
  • The possible existence of UFOs & aliens
  • How the moon affects us
  • There’s a great intelligence behind “coincidences”
  • Constraints humans impose upon God
  • Possible realities of different versions of Hell
  • Quantum Mechanics


“The appearance or the publicity surrounding the idea that scientists or atheists is really mistaken and very misleading. Everyone who really looks carefully into science at a very high level. Finds that the upper reaches of research and so forth are pointing again and again and again to the fact that God created science; he invented it, he thought it up, and it is his accomplishment that we, as scientists, are studying.” ~Dr. Thomas Sheahen

“An awful lot of science is very similar in that we think we’ve accomplished something wonderful, and we have made real accomplishments–look at medical science, for example; it has been wonderful, but we do appreciate what a huge gulf there is between what we can do and what God has already done in creating nature.” ~Dr. Thomas Sheahen

“Any scientific theory is always subject to revision. There’s no such thing as final when you’re talking about science.” ~Dr. Thomas Sheahen

“Human beings are indeed capable of consciousness, understanding, thought of will, and of love. And to direct that love back to God is the intention of creation.” ~Dr. Thomas Sheahen

“What I’m preaching here with this book to everyone is to be humble. Be appreciative of the fact that God is smarter than us. And he is better than us, and he can do things that we can’t even comprehend.” ~Dr. Thomas Sheahen

“Time is the falsest god of all.” ~Dr. Thomas Sheahen

“When they think that God is limited in time, when God is subordinate to time, then they have placed a false God before God, which is forbidden by the commandments.” ~Dr. Thomas Sheahen

“All the people who insist on six-day creationism, they don’t understand relativity. They’ve got no concept of time dilation or different timeframes. And it’s a real shame that that very brilliant idea has escaped the attention of so many people.” ~Dr. Thomas Sheahen

“I think our space exploration is going to be done with robots for many, many years to come.

“I have to, again, underline my own limitations that I see things through the eyes of a person from the 20th and 21st century. And that’s limited.” ~Dr. Thomas Sheahen

“There’s a big difference between my science and the science of the future.” ~Dr. Thomas Sheahen

“Accept your human limitations. Don’t try to tell God what to do because we’re on a much lower plane of intelligence than God is.” ~Dr. Thomas Sheahen

“There is a real Hell, and we need to think at a higher level in order to learn about it because we’re not getting there by just ordinary human imagination.” ~Dr. Thomas Sheahen

​​”I encourage you to keep exploring and keep thinking and keep dreaming up new ideas yourself.” ~Dr. Thomas Sheahen

“Why are we here? What is life all about and so forth? You will not find the answer by thinking at an ordinary human level. You’ve gotta think at a higher level; you gotta reach your thinking in the direction of God in order to understand what it’s all about. But in every case, science is gonna point us toward God. And that’s really, really important.” ~Dr. Thomas Sheahen

Guest’s Bio:

Dr. Thomas P. Sheahen is vice president of the Science and Environment Policy Project (SEPP), Director of the Institute for Theological Encounter with Science and Technology (ITEST), and president/CEO of Western Technology, Inc., an independent consulting firm specializing in energy technology issues with business implications,

From 2005 – 2009, Dr. Sheahen served as a Senior Analyst in the Systems Integration Office of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. From 1993 – 2002  he was a senior scientist in the Energy Systems Group for Science Applications International Corporation, where he led a team of evaluators in selecting renewable energy projects for support by NREL. He previously held positions with Argonne National Laboratory, Energy Research Advisory Board to the Department of Energy, SRI International (Stanford Research Institute), Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, National Bureau of Standards, and Bell Telephone Laboratories.

Dr. Sheahen is the author of Introduction to High-Temperature Superconductivity  (Plenum Press: 1994). His research papers have appeared in many peer-reviewed scientific journals, including Physical Review, Applied Optics, Journal of  Technology Transfer, Reviews of Modern Physics, Energy the International Journal, Strategic Planning, and Energy Management, and The Science Teacher.

Dr. Sheahen has co-authored numerous reports on topics including rocket re-entry instrumentation (Bell Labs), industrial instrumentation and analysis of measurement economics (Industrial Nucleonics), research program plans (National Bureau of Standards), industrial energy conservation (Office of Technology Assessment), national energy policy planning (DOE), and renewable energy technology (SAIC).

Dr. Sheahen holds B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

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Brian Moran

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Grab some tissues for this episode! Brian Moran and Gary Scott Thomas went way off course from what they had planned on talking about, and the result was spectacular.

In This Episode:

  • The illusion of security
  • How Gary has double first cousins
  • How coming from a big family helps you cut through the BS
  • Forgiveness
  • Being courageous in faith
  • Viktor Frankl’s The Meaning of Life
  • The lens of gratitude
  • Practicing gratitude
  • Running the NY City Marathon
  • His upcoming book My 5 Conversations with God
  • The importance of paying attention
  • Thriving after bankruptcy
  • How mental health is like trying to explain a TV to a caveman
  • Helping his son with his mental health battles
  • How the mountaintop and valley moments are all part of our purpose
  • Taping into your courage
  • His advice for parents who are helping their child through a mental health struggle
  • The importance of no electronics days
  • Not always offering advice to your children
  • The gift his daughter reluctantly gave him
  • “Buddy Days”
  • The thing that made Gary cry
  • Writing down what you’re worried about and seeing if it actually happened
  • Treating everyone with love
  • How a homeless person affected Brian
  • An amazing Hindu proverb
  • The one thing Brian wants people to take away from this episode


“The meaning of my life is not my job.” ~Brian Moran

“The meaning of your life can change over time.” ~Brian Moran

“When you are grateful for everything in your life, from the clothes you wear to your physical faculties and mental faculties, and just every single day, the food you eat, the family you have, even the obstacles that are in front of you and the fact that you have the ability to get around them–when you are grateful for all of that everything just looks beautiful.” ~Brian Moran

“It’s [faith] like a special power.” ~Brian Moran

“I’m not as anxious or stressed because I’m grateful for every day.” ~Brian Moran

“You have two options. You either move ahead, or you die.” ~Brian Moran

“Be comfortable getting out of your comfort zone.” ~Brian Moran

“Get into a zone where time stands still.” ~Brian Moran

“Get them [kids] off their phones…point out the small miracles to them.” ~Brian Moran

“Have days where you say this is a no electronics day

Be mindful of things they [your kids] don’t tell you.” ~Brian Moran

“What do you think the meaning of your life is today?” ~Brian Moran

“We’re only guaranteed today. We can only live in the present moment.” ~Brian Moran

We all have a limited amount of time…if you are waiting for something to happen, make it happen today.” ~Brian Moran

Guest’s Bio:

Brian is the founder and CEO of Small Business Edge, a global community platform for business owners and entrepreneurs to find answers to their most pressing questions and obstacles that keep them up at night. 

Brian’s goal with Small Business Edge is to measurably increase the success rate of small businesses both in the United States and around the world!

Before launching Small Business Edge, he spent 20+ years helping America’s entrepreneurs realize their dreams. Prior to starting his 3rd company in 2012, he was the Executive Director of Sales Development at the Wall Street Journal overseeing the financial and small business markets across the WSJ franchise.

From 2002-2010, he ran Veracle Media & Moran Media Group–both content companies utilized various media channels to help entrepreneurs manage & grow their companies. Prior to launching these two companies, he was the Associate Publisher at Inc. Magazine, a Publisher and Associate Publisher at Entrepreneur Media, and held management positions at Success Magazine and Medical Economics Magazine.

His specialties include all areas, divisions, and channels within the small to midsize business market.

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Craig Allen Cooper

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If you need some encouragement, this episode will do it! Have you heard Walker Hayes’ song “Craig?” This is THAT Craig! This story is just so good. Craig shares about the first time he met Walker, how they became friends, and about the book they just wrote together. This episode will definitely lift you up.

Also in this episode:

  • The first time he realized Walker was a talented artist
  • What he thought the first time he heard the song
  • Tearing down the fence between their houses
  • How Walker encouraged him
  • How God answered Craig’s questions about his purpose
  • The time he failed as a minister
  • How he got into ministry
  • Why Gary has so much Alabama gear
  • Writing a book with Walker Hayes


“It’s really remarkable what the Lord’ done.” ~Craig Allen Cooper

“The smile of God was on both our families.” ~Craig Allen Cooper

“Dude, mark my words. You [Walker Hayes] will pack stadiums.” ~Craig Allen Cooper

“Jesus is alive and is working today.” ~Craig Allen Cooper

“God’s a refuge for us.” ~Craig Allen Cooper

“God is in charge.” ~Craig Allen Cooper


I’ll share a little bit about me (and I’d love to hear more about you!). I’m a Bible teacher, author, and speaker based in the greater Nashville, TN area. 

Basically, I’m the guy next door. I live an incredibly ordinary life, but I’ve seen God do some extraordinary, remarkable things — things that can only be attributed to Him.

I love meeting new people and hearing everyone’s unique stories, and I have a deep passion for encouraging others — who doesn’t need more encouragement in this broken world?

I believe every person on this planet has divinely attributed value, worth, and dignity as individuals created in the image of God, and that means that you are so valuable in God’s sight. I also believe every single person in the world has been uniquely gifted by God. Each one of us has particular gifts, strengths, and abilities that are intended to make the world a better place, and that’s how God designed it. So, I love focusing on, highlighting, and celebrating other people’s strengths. Let me encourage you!  You may not see it right now, but there is SO MUCH to celebrate in you (because ultimately it came from Him).

You matter. Your life matters.

You can — and do! — make a huge difference in the world around you.

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