Carol Wyllie

In This Episode:

  • Carol Discusses the Process of Writing Her Book “Chemo P!ssed Me Off”
  • How Having Cancer Changed Carol and What Chemotherapy and Radiation Was Like
  • Gary Shares About The Only Thing He Still Has From His Parents
  • Other Potential Cancer Treatment Options and Why Hospitals Aren’t Using Them
  • Discussions on Why Someone Can Never Judge You Into a Perfect Life


“I believe that there is a big money factor involved that makes the powers that be not want to offer these other treatments, they are making a killing on these toxic treatments.” – Carol Wyllie

“Having children completely humbled me, because I realized that these little sponges were gonna absorb anything that I was spilling–good or bad.” – Carol Wyllie

“He makes a lot of jokes, inappropriately most of the time.” – Carol Wyllie

“They have these treats laid out for you and then they’re just chatting you up like you guys are old friends and then she puts on all of her hazmat gear to come to inject you with something so deadly that she needs to look like she’s in a biohazard spill somewhere to treat you with it. It’s alarming.” – Carol Wyllie

“People can judge all they want, but they’re never going to judge and browbeat anyone into living a perfect life.” – Carol Wyllie

Guest’s Bio:

Carol Wyllie lives with her husband on an olive orchard in rural Northern California. She has been a writer all her life. With her two daughters off to college, she plans to jump into writing full-time in her empty nest years. Chemo Pissed Me Off is her first published work. While it’s not the book she thought she’d write, it became the book she needed to write.

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