J.T. Harding

Also In This Episode:

  • J.T. Shares What Kenny Chesney Said at the Party for Their Number One Song
  • Tips and Advice from a Hit Songwriter in Nashville
  • How J.T. and His Co-Writers Came Up With The Tempo For “Sangria”
  • Why J.T. Used To Put Lyrics in His Socks
  • How J.T. Ended Up Writing a Song With Darius Rucker Over Zoom


“I wrote ‘Somewhere with You’ which was a three-week number one from Kenny Ch.esney.” – J.T. Harding

“He didn’t know I was joking, so Kenny Chesney spins around like the girl from The Exorcist, looking at me with wide eyes.” – J.T. Harding

“…That’s why I write songs; it’s cheaper than therapy.” – J.T. Harding

“…Like, the after-party last night, masks were required, pants were optional, but masks were required.” – J.T. Harding

“He and the girl gave me up for adoption when I was born, my birth certificate is framed, it’s an apology from a condom company.” – J.T. Harding

“I never met Darius Rucker, we wrote a song called ‘Beers and Sunshine’ over Zoom last year.” – J.T. Harding

Guest’s Bio:

J.T. Harding was born and raised in South Detroit. Loving MTV, he put together high school bands then chased his dream to California where he made his first demo tape with money he won on the game show “VH1 Rock ‘n’ Roll Jeopardy.” His movie scene, 3-D lyric writing caught the attention of Nashville. JT has written number one hits for Blake Shelton a Keith Urban, Uncle Kracker, and many more.

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