In This Episode:

  • The Funny Things That Took Place During the “Mama Needs a Claw” Music Video
  • How To Twerk
  • Why Becky Feels the Need To Be Funny
  • What Chris Pratt Messaged Becky
  • The Struggle To Workout and Work Out Poops
  • Shaking Up the Pretentiousness of Golf and How Becky’s Dad Wasn’t Happy About How She Went About It


“You can’t speed walk without looking like you’re gonna shit your pants.” – Becky Robinson

“Everyone’s been calling me Entitled Housewife for two days straight.” – Becky Robinson

“Luckily, the people that were golfing that day were like, ‘Yo, we love it. This is great, this is hilarious. We’ve never seen someone hump a golf cart before.” – Becky Robinson

“Real twerking involves like isolating the asscheeks and I’m not quite fully versed in that yet, but I do my best.” – Becky Robinson

“It’s time for my play, so sit around the fire you little fucks.” – Becky Robinson

Guest’s Bio:

Comedian, writer, actor and voice-over star Becky Robinson is one of the youngest headliners on the comedy circuit today. Robinson is best known for her wide range of physical characters on-stage and screen with viral videos including her most popular character “Entitled Housewife.”

In 2018, Robinson was named a “New Face of Comedy” at the prestigious JFL Montreal where her stand-out performance landed her a sketch show development deal and a number of voiceover jobs with DreamWorks and Netflix to name a few. She will also be voicing the character “Jenny Droneberg” on Doug Unplugged premiering on AppleTV on November 13th. In 2016, Becky was cast on MTV’s Wild ’N Out with Nick Cannon where she also put out a Wild ’N Out Stand Up Special. Her many alter egos have been featured on E! Funny Dance Show, Hulu’s Coming to the Stage, MTV’s Acting Out, ABC’s The Bachelor, and Kevin Hart’s sketch series Writer’s Room. Becky has written for Comedy Central’s Not Safe, Snoop Dogg’s Joker’s Wild, and FunnyOrDie.

Today, Robinson is currently touring her latest live show creation, Snow Circus. Snow Circus packs heart, punchlines, characters, and improv into her electric energy on-stage during her one woman show. Her mix of stand-up and characters leave audiences wanting more with one of the most uniquely entertaining shows of the year.

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