In this episode, Aaron Siuda with Live Nation Concerts pulls back the curtain and shows us what it’s really like to put on a show. He talks about what venues are best suited for which acts, what it’s like for the tour crew, and more.

In this episode:

  • Going from Finance to Sr. VP of Marketing
  • Behind the scenes of how tickets are sold
  • The evolution of the purpose of a live event
  • How cell phones changed live events
  • The costs of stadium shows


“It’s a really fun job.” ~Aaron Siuda

“Being kind matters.” ~Aaron Siuda

“It comes down to relationships between the promoters and the artists.” ~Aaron Siuda

“When you get known as a great performer, that’s the best thing you can do.” ~Aaron Siuda


– Over 20 years of experience in entertainment marketing focused on social media, strategic planning, event marketing, promotional strategy, and interactive campaigns.

– Clients range from boutique agencies to high-profile artists.

– Well-versed in traditional media marketing (radio, print, tv) as well as interactive, mobile, and direct marketing.

– Very accustomed to extremely high paced, deadline-driven environments

– Exceptional negotiation skills


* Social Media Strategy
* Strategic Partnerships
* Media Negotiations
* Press Negotiations
* Interactive Project Management
* Media buying/planning
* Branding
* Event management

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