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September 2021

Lissa Kreisler

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In This Episode:

  • Why Lissa’s First Job Involved Her Having To Sniff Armpits
  • What It’s Like Getting Recognized In Public From Her Laugh
  • The Mean Nickname She Was Given by Highschoolers Due To Her Having To Wear a Full Body Brace
  • Why Lissa Kept Her Maiden Name For On The Radio
  • Growing Up Wearing Homemade Clothes and Why She Promised To Never Wear Homemade Clothes Again
  • What Gary Did That Made His Kid Ask Him, “Why Do You Hate Me?”
  • Lissa’s Take On Vaccines and Mask Wearing
  • The Nastiness and Hatred On Social Media


“I would ride an elephant down Santa Clara street downtown.” – Lissa Kreisler

“I cannot believe what people feel they can say on Social media.” – Lissa Kreisler 

“That one raise changed my whole life.” – Lissa Kreisler

“I probably told my listeners everything about me, but my bra size.” – Lissa Kreisler

“My job was to stand behind the counter and when somebody returned something, I had to bend down to the floor and smell the armpits to make sure that nothing’s worn.” – Lissa Kreisler

Guest’s Bio:

She’s a local gal who has been at KLOK 1170 for 10 years. What started as an internship ended as the Ralph Jim and Lissa morning show. She spent 30 years doing mornings at KBAY and was inducted into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame in 2015.
She loves doing Community Storytelling on KCAT-15 in Los Gatos!
She’s a full-time grandma of 3–ages 2-6
She thinks life is wonderful…even in COVID!

Guest’s Contact Info:

Instagram Username: @Lissakreisler