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June 2021

Carol Wyllie

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In This Episode:

  • Carol Discusses the Process of Writing Her Book “Chemo P!ssed Me Off”
  • How Having Cancer Changed Carol and What Chemotherapy and Radiation Was Like
  • Gary Shares About The Only Thing He Still Has From His Parents
  • Other Potential Cancer Treatment Options and Why Hospitals Aren’t Using Them
  • Discussions on Why Someone Can Never Judge You Into a Perfect Life


“I believe that there is a big money factor involved that makes the powers that be not want to offer these other treatments, they are making a killing on these toxic treatments.” – Carol Wyllie

“Having children completely humbled me, because I realized that these little sponges were gonna absorb anything that I was spilling–good or bad.” – Carol Wyllie

“He makes a lot of jokes, inappropriately most of the time.” – Carol Wyllie

“They have these treats laid out for you and then they’re just chatting you up like you guys are old friends and then she puts on all of her hazmat gear to come to inject you with something so deadly that she needs to look like she’s in a biohazard spill somewhere to treat you with it. It’s alarming.” – Carol Wyllie

“People can judge all they want, but they’re never going to judge and browbeat anyone into living a perfect life.” – Carol Wyllie

Guest’s Bio:

Carol Wyllie lives with her husband on an olive orchard in rural Northern California. She has been a writer all her life. With her two daughters off to college, she plans to jump into writing full-time in her empty nest years. Chemo Pissed Me Off is her first published work. While it’s not the book she thought she’d write, it became the book she needed to write.

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Dave Steele

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“It was truly by accident that I got to do voice overs.”- Dave Steele

“You have to define yourself in a new way to become different.” – Dave Steele

“I pulled off a real snotty dad moment.” – Dave Steele

“Lee Brice sits in this preschool entertaining kids, moms, and dads for the better part of four hours at the behest of my daughter.” – Dave Steele

“My entire goal is when I have grandkids is to go over to my kid’s house, open their doors, turn on the heater, turn on all the lights, run the water on all the faucets, flush the toilets fifteen times, and run through the house with toilet paper…and leave.” – Dave Steele

“There was a leak, something ignited, and the house literally popped off the foundation and slid about 4 feet.” – Dave Steele

Guest’s Bio:

He grew up in Colorado and got into the radio industry in 1985. He managed to run through Radio in many states and then progressed to voiceovers.

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Curtis Brown

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In This Episode:

  • What Canada Is Like and the Separation COVID Has Caused Curtis’s Family
  • Why You Should Never Say You’re Bored While On a Farm
  • How Losing a Child Changed Curtis’s Outlook On Life and Made Him and His Wife Better People
  • Advice From a Former Pro Hockey Player
  • The Problem With Participation Trophies
  • The Reality of Injuries For Athletes


“God designed us all as individuals and there’s something unique and great in each individual.” – Curtis Brown

“There’s only two things Canadians do really really good and it’s drink beer and play hockey, and I was too young to do the former, so I went and played hockey.” – Curtis Brown

“We won gold in 96 which is one of my best memories playing hockey.” – Curtis Brown

“I didn’t do much winning until I learned how much I hated losing.” – Curtis Brown

“There was only one trophy and it wasn’t for the people that just showed up. There was just one and you had to earn that thing.” – Curtis Brown

“When I took about 50 stitches across the face and they look at you like, ‘That’s not normal. It looks like something’s wrong.’ and guess what, you go out and you play the next game.” – Curtis Brown

Guest’s Bio: (per Wikipedia)

Curtis Dean Brown (born February 12, 1976) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey center and defenceman. He was drafted by the Buffalo Sabres in the second round (43rd overall) of the 1994 NHL Entry Draft. Over his National Hockey League career, he played for the Buffalo Sabres, San Jose Sharks, and Chicago Blackhawks. Brown was born in Unity, Saskatchewan, but grew up in Senlac, Saskatchewan.

Brown was drafted in the second round of the 1994 NHL Entry Draft by the Buffalo Sabres. After finishing the 1994–95 WHL season with the Moose Jaw Warriors, he debuted with the Sabres on May 3, 1995 against the New Jersey Devils and scored a goal and an assist.

Brown returned to the WHL for 1995–96 and was traded from Moose Jaw to the Prince Albert Raiders before finishing out the season with Buffalo.

By 1997–98, Brown became a full-time player for the Sabres, usually on the third line.

In March 2004, Brown was traded to the San Jose Sharks in a three-way trade that saw Buffalo acquire Jeff Jillson from Boston while they received Brad Boyes and Andy Delmore. Brown played only 12 games for San Jose, however, and spent the 2004 NHL lockout season in the ECHL with the San Diego Gulls.

On July 2, 2004, Brown signed a four-year deal with the Chicago Blackhawks, only to be bought out after only one NHL season. Brown was the first player ever to have his contract bought out.

Brown signed with San Jose as an unrestricted free agent in July 2006. The two-year deal was worth just $1.4 million, with Brown stating that he signed for such a relatively low salary because he had already received money from Chicago’s buy-out.

On July 17, 2008, Brown completed his NHL career and signed with the Kloten Flyers of the Swiss Nationalliga A where he played for one season. He then switched to defense and played the final two seasons of his career with EHC Biel before retiring.

Brown, of Christian faith, has a wife, Ami. The couple had a daughter, Aubri who died in late 2005 of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The death of their daughter inspired them to create The Aubri Brown Foundation, a foundation that helps parents going through the loss of their children.[1] They have three sons, Gage, Garrett, and Griffin.[2]

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Sam Van Zandt

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In This Episode:

  • The One Time Gary Had To Use a Fake Name
  • What It Was Like Interviewing Michael Jackson
  • One Of The Worst Interviews Sam Ever Did
  • What Darius Rucker Told Gary About The Younger Artists
  • The Story Of When Kenny Rogers Flirted With Gary’s Girlfriend
  • How To Be a Better Interviewer and the Power of Shutting Up
  • The Time Sam Did an Interview Simultaneously With a Competitor
  • The Story of When Sam Grabbed Kenny Rogers’s Butt


“I never got to tell you the story about the time I accidentally grabbed Kenny Rogers’s butt.” – Sam Van Zandt

“I was nervous as could be to interview Chuck Berry, I had heard he punched Keith Richards in the nose.” – Sam Van Zandt

“In country music, I find that people are a lot more open and willing to talk about anything, and they’re just people like us.” – Sam Van Zandt

“He’s been drinking out of a coke cup the whole time and I pick it up and it’s full of whiskey.” – Sam Van Zandt

 “I had a cameraman with me and we were allowed to stay for 3 songs and then get the hell out.” – Sam Van Zandt

“I got to spend, pretty much, a day with Peter Frampton.” – Sam Van Zandt

“We did a big debate with Dianne Feinstein on wether gay people should be teachers.” – Sam Van Zandt

Guest’s Bio:

Sam Van Zandt was born in San Jose California and grew up listening to local San Jose radio with his mother and father, who loved country music. Sam loved all music, but especially Rock and Roll.

While at Abraham Lincoln high school Sam took a speech class to get over his fear of talking to an audience. It worked! Sam was soon on KSJO in San Jose as the narrator of a high school radio program. Sam graduated at 17 and got his first job at KPER in Gilroy. He worked there while going to San Jose State studying broadcasting.

Sam traveled around pursuing his career including a year in Texas at a small country station, and a year at KDON in Salinas, before being hired in San Francisco. From 1972-2005, he worked at KCBS-FM, KIOI, KYA, KSFO, KGO, KNEW, KBGG (Big98), and KFRC.

In Sacramento, Sam hosted a morning show on KOOL 101, before joining Lissa Kreisler as cohost of KBAY’s “Sam & Lissa in the Morning” program in 2005. Sam retired from the KBAY morning show in 2016 but stayed on running Public Affairs programming until 2018 when new management eliminated it.

Sam is “old school” about radio, so he has overseen Public Affairs on most of the radio stations he’s worked on, and participated in hundreds of community events for nonprofit groups. Sam also performed stand-up comedy throughout the ’90s and hosted several local TV shows.

He was a regular on Candid Camera from 1994-2004, doing gags, audience warmup, and announcing for the series on CBS-TV and PAX TV.

Sam has four successful grown children, Janet, Brandon, Justin, and Jonah, and is celebrating 30 years of happy marriage to his lovely wife Carol McKinney.

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