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February 2021

Troy Cartright

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In This Episode:

  • Health Insurance Stress
  • Country Music’s Freedom of Expression, Pop Country Is Working
  • Chasing Your Dreams and Not Letting Them Beat You Down 
  • Steel Sharpening Steel in The Nashville Music Scene
  • Miranda Lambert and Degenerate Sadness
  • The Paradigm Shift of Interacting on Zoom and When It Goes Wrong With Dating


“…No social distance, no masks, just a real-life concert the way it used to be. I mean…I don’t even know what that’s gunna feel like.” – @troycartwright

“I did not grow up a huge Country fan.” – @troycartwright

“I did not want to go to college, I had no interest in it, I just wanted to play music.” – @troycartwright

“It doesn’t have to be the hook of the century with the greatest Country twist you’ve ever heard to be a great song, sometimes just the simple truth is the right thing for the song.” – @troycartwright

“I think I relate to that sort of degenerate sadness, it resonates with my soul.” – @troycartwright

“It always works out. No matter what and it may not be what you wanted or it may look different or take longer, but it always works out.”
– @troycartwright

Guest’s Bio:

Troy Cartwright is a fascinating mix. Certainly a product of Texas’ rich heritage of dive bars and honky-tonks, he’s also a Berklee trained musician, a one-time youth worship leader, and an all-around good guy. Part of what makes his music so compelling is his heart, and the way he views the world around him: always something to take apart and understand, to bring his sense of grace to turning points, difficult moments and the thrill of being alive, in love and on fire.

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Dave Steele

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 “You wanted to post me on top of a billboard in subzero weather with nothing but a t-shirt and spandex for a fundraiser, I’ll do that. It was a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude to make it.” – @Steeleimaging

“It was just come and go as you want at the radio station, there were no security measures or locks.” – @Steeleimaging

“They hired me, but not because my demo was great because it sucked. – @Steeleimaging

“I listen to the radio these days and I hear people try and do skits or bits about material that is so inconsequential and then they laugh at their own joke, that drives me nuts.” – @Steeleimaging

“Think about your talent price tag as the bull’s-eye at the shooting range.” – @Steeleimaging

“He sounds like he’d be like seventeen feet tall, five hundred and fifty-five pounds, and could squish you with his pinky.” – @Steeleimaging

“You don’t get to be rich and make a lot of money by imitating somebody else.” – @Steeleimaging

“You want to make the customer happy, you do, but there has to be a time when you also have to know when to cut and run.” – @Steeleimaging

“Not only do I have to pay attention to two and three-letter words, which is hard enough because I’m a redneck, right? Now I have to pay attention to a single letter that I’ve been screwing up for most of my life.” – @Steeleimaging

Guest’s Bio:

He grew up in Colorado and got into the radio industry in 1985. He managed to run through Radio in many states and then progressed to voiceovers.

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Sal Pizarro

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“I got her recently deceased husband’s name wrong, I put the wrong first name.”- @spizarro

“When you’re doing interviews with some of the biggest names in country music, at some point you get a confidence in what you’re doing, and that allows you to be a lot freer.”- @spizarro

“We just sort of put it out there and you don’t always know if it’s connecting with people.”- @spizarro

“I’ve got one of the best jobs you can have, they’re not gonna make my job anymore.”- @spizarro

“I thought ‘Goldfinger’ was boring.”- @spizarro

“By the end of that movie, both those kids were huddled up next to their mother.”- @spizarro

“I think if you explain the movie making in horror movies to kids, they can remove themselves from it a little.”- @spizarro

“They spent less money on Timothy Dalton’s last movie ‘Licence to Kill’ in ‘89 than they spent on ‘Moonraker’ 10 years earlier.”- @spizarro

Guest’s Bio:

Sal Pizarro has been the Around Town columnist for the San Jose Mercury News since 2005. His column covers the interesting people, places, and events in Silicon Valley. An avid James Bond fan, comic book collector, and occasional homebrewer, Sal lives in San Jose with his wife, Amy, and their two children.

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Caroline Hobby

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“You’re locked in your rooms in your hotel because they don’t want any kind of scheming or planning happening off-camera.” – @carohobby

“I did ‘The Amazing Race,’ which is a TV show where you race around the world.” – @carohobby

“I promoted Natalie Stovall as an artist, who’s now in Runaway June.” – @carohobby

“People are wanting to see the full picture of the artist and that full picture includes the wife because the wife is the backbone of the family.” – @carohobby

“It is the sweetest moments, that having a child has brought into our lives.” – @carohobby

“Jen and I were in a band together for 10 years.” – @carohobby

“A lot of teams that go on The Amazing Race fight and hate each other and tear each other down.” – @carohobby

“You know, sometimes you get lucky twice.” – @carohobby

Guest’s Bio:

Nashville based Caroline Hobby began her career in the Country Music Trio Stealing Angels in 2007. During that time she collaborated and built relationships with some of the biggest names in the industry. After scoring 2 Top 50 Country Radio Singles, Stealing Angels fell apart.

Right when Caroline thought her world was over, she was asked to participate on CBS’s Emmy winning Reality Show “The Amazing Race,” Season 22 with her former bandmate Jennifer Wayne. They made it all the way to the season finale coming in 4th place and were then asked back as a “Fan Favorite” on “Amazing Race All-Stars,” Season 24 missing first place and 1 million dollars by 4 seconds. Through all of her experiences, Caroline grew a deep love for people, finding purpose, and sharing stories of dreams, trials, and triumph.

Since Caroline founded GET REAL PODCAST in 2015, she has consistently been named iTunes Top 200 Podcasts and has interviewed the wives of Country Music’s biggest stars such as Brittany Aldean(Jason Aldean), Hayley Hubbard & Brittney Kelley (FGL), Cassie Kelley (Charles Kelley of Lady A), Caroline Bryan (Luke Bryan), Katelyn Brown (Kane Brown), as well as artists Kellie Pickler, RaeLynn, Maddie & Tae, Cassadee Pope, Marie Osmond, plus many other fascinating influential women and a few men like actor Dennis Quaid. Her podcast is all about honest women having an honest talk. She also is an Entertainment Correspondent for CMT, Cracker Barrel, and Nashville Insider.

Caroline is also the proud wife of Michael Hobby, frontman of hit band A Thousand Horses, and the luckiest mama to her baby girl Sunny Grayson, the light of their lives.

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